16 April 2005

Troll Alert

It seems that Jay had a visitor from someone who likes to troll and dump. Dump as in crap all over a blog by leaving worthless un-meaningful comments and retreating to the safety of the blogsphere. Or so he thought. Thrasher, a bit of advice, if you are going to do that, don't put your website in the comment. Here is the url for thrasher the troll:
He had the stupidity to leave the following comment on Jay's site:
"This is some of the worthless dogma I have read in quite a while, some dumbass people post here...lol,lol,lol I better leave for this shit sticks on me...tee hee"
I would encourage everyone who reads my ranting to visit thrasher and return the favor. But have some class about it. Remember, we are above this simple minded stupidity. But trashing trolls is fun. So have at it.
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