13 May 2005

Another Cross Controversy

Removing Crosses from public view is one of the methods that the ACLU uses to advance their goal to remove all vestiges of religion from public life. In the past it has been mainly restricted to Crosses displayed on public land. But now, they even have a problem with a Cross being displayed in a public cemetery. A cross, which is part of a Korean War memorial in Elk Township, Ohio, is being targeted. The memorial which is located in the Township cemetery, was once located at the Macarthur Courthouse where it was displayed for over 40 years. But in 1996, our friends at the ACLU were successful in forcing the removal of the Cross. The Cross then sat for 8 years in storage prior to being moved to the Township cemetery to create the Korean War Memorial. The ACLU's objection to this Cross being located in the cemetery isn't understood by Township officials. Especially since the cemetery already contains multiple Crosses and a Star of David. "I don't understand why he's picking on this cross in this county," said Elk Township trustee Mickey McDonald. "An argument could be made the cemetery plots are private property," reported Mike Bowersock of NBC 4 News in Columbus. "The plot the cross is on was donated to the late Cy Karns, who helped put it there." "Karns' son Steve vowed to keep the cross in the cemetery." "We'll move it down there and make it bigger than it is now," Karns said. At issue is whether the ACLU can have a case if the memorial is located on a private plot. The ACLU's position is that if it is part of a private grave plot, it is an expression of personal belief. But as a public memorial in a public cemetary, it violates the phantom separation of church and state. I have the solution, have the Towship return the donated plot back to the family who donated it to the Township. And leave the memorial alone. Information courtesy of NBC 4 Columbus Help Put A Stop To The Most Dangerous Organization In America. We are trying to organize a march on all of the ACLU state offices in all of the 50 states. To help in this matter, we are trying to raise money to pay for advertising in our nation's newspapers promoting the march. You can help. Visit Bulldoze The ACLU online store and buy a bumper sticker or t-shirt. All of the proceedes will be going into advertising for this march. Thank You.


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