14 May 2005

An e-mail From Tom Wright About The Fair Tax

I hope you were able to catch my testimony on behalf of Leo Linbeck and the
FairTax plan. If you missed it, you can watch it here:
.  You can download the PowerPoint presentation here:
and its appendix at: http://www.fairtax.org/pdfs/Appendix_Proposals_compared.pdf
.  You can download Leo's written submission at: 
.  These combine well to be the absolute state-of-the-FairTax presentation.
Please use them as a tutorial for yourself. Please feel free to use them in your
presentations to others.

The following is clear:
The panel knows who we are -- thanks to the commentaries you have submitted and
our grassroots appearances at every hearing. They know what we stand for.  Their
questions reflect a good understanding of the legislation.

I believe we have failed to convince all of the panel regarding the three
following aspects of the legislation:

1.  Our revenue - neutral rate.  Karen Walby (our chief economist) is pulling
together the definitive document summarizing all scoring of the FairTax, which
we will submit to the panel.
Clearly, no other plan can come even close to having the depth of data we have.

2.  The ease of compliance.  Dave Burton (FairTax co-author) is pulling together
data on this for the panel.

3.  The political will to get such blank-slate legislation passed.  This is the
usual, "Yes, we need it, but it will never pass."

Your job is #3.  Genie has put together a target list of 100 congressmen to have
on the FairTax as co-sponsors.  The most likely.  The most obvious.  The
easiest. Yes, you have heard this from me before -- and you will hear it again.

Most of our work in the grassroots is the standard blocking and tackling.

Many congressmen are stalling, waiting for the Presidential panel's report. That
report is due July 31st.  But, frankly, this is just a stall, so they don't
have to learn enough about the legislation to make their own decision. Teach
them.  Please do it now!  Teach their tax aides.  Please do it now!

If the report recommends the FairTax, great.  We'll rejoice and go back to
getting co-sponsors. If the report does not recommend the FairTax, so what?
We'll redouble our efforts at education, because we failed somewhere along the

Between now and July 31st, there are two in-district periods: May 30th - June
3rd and July 4th - 8th. Your job is to continue your congressman's education
between now and then. When they are in the district, attend their fund raisers,
speeches, town meetings.
Get others to do the same.  Organize.  Organize.  Organize.  Please don't do
this all by yourself. But please DO it!

After the report comes out, they will be home in August. Regardless of the
panel's recommendations, you know your job. Deliver an educated congressman to
FairTax co-sponsorship.

Establish or continue your relationship with their D.C. tax aide. Get the
congressman's schedule while in the district. Be everywhere he or she is.
Impinge, politely of course!

Very best regards,

Thomas A. Wright
Executive Director
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