20 May 2005

I Was Pleasantly Surprised At This Information

I was shocked, pleasantly, but shocked non-the-less at some of the celebrities on this list. TheAce0804 did an outstanding job finding these names. My suggestion would be to seek out works by these responsible Celebrities. Especially since they respect American tradition.

In case you thought you were alone...

Just a short list of Republican celebs..Click through them, sometimes its tough to put a face with the name

Actors/Actresses Danny Aiello Scott Baio Adam Baldwin Stephen Baldwin James Belushi Tom Berenger Ernest Borgnine Wilford Brimley Delta Burke Dean Cain Kirk Cameron Drew Carey Dana Carvey James Caviezel Tony Danza Robert Davi Bo Derek Shannen Doherty Robert Duvall Leslie Easterbrook Clint Eastwood R. Lee Ermey Jamie Farr Jeff Foxworthy Dennis Franz Sarah Michelle Gellar Mel Gibson Kelsey Grammar George Hamilton Angie Harmon Patricia Heaton Charlton Heston Jennifer Love Hewitt Catherine Hicks Dennis Hopper Don Johnson Yaphet Kotto Cheryl Ladd Heather Locklear Lorenzo Lamas Norm McDonald John Malkovich Jackie Mason Gerald McRaney Dennis Miller Larry Miller Michael Moriarty Jim Nabors Kevin Nealon Leslie Nielsen Chuck Norris Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Fess Parker Joe Pesci Laura Prepon Jason Priestley Freddie Prinze, Jr Dwayne Johnson(TheRock) Mickey Rooney Adam Sandler Arnold Schwarzenegger Tracy Scoggins Tom Selleck Ron Silver Jessica Simpson Gary Sinise Tony Sirico Kevin Sorbo Paul Sorvino Sylvester Stallone Ben Stein Fred Thompson Rip Torn Janine Turner Jean-Claude Van Damme Vince Vaughn Jimmie Walker Sela Ward Bruce Willis James Woods

Hat Tip to TheAce0804 of Conservative Rant
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