26 May 2005

I'm Honored

Today I have received an email which has made me feel honored. I have been invited and elected to become a member of The Wide Awakes. A collaboration blog which has some of the best content on the web. The writers and defenders of TWA are a great bunch of people, and the honor of being associated with them is humbling. I would like to thank The Wide Awakes for granting me this honor. And I'd like to say that I hope to live up to that honor. Thank You Very Much. Help Put A Stop To The Most Dangerous Organization In America. We are trying to organize a march on all of the ACLU state offices in all of the 50 states. To help in this matter, we are trying to raise money to pay for advertising in our nation's newspapers promoting the march. You can help. Visit Bulldoze The ACLU online store and buy a bumper sticker or t-shirt. All of the proceedes will be going into advertising for this march. Thank You.


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