21 May 2005

Lingering Chat Problems

The other day when Jay and I were testing the new chat platform, we didn't experience any problems. However last night there were a few. I have since address them. Instead of the link redirecting you to a page on my personal website, the link will take you to a cover page on the chat-host's server. You will then have to enter a user name. I would suggest registering one. If you have a registered screen name, you will also have to put in a password. If you do not have a registered screen name, just enter any nick you wish (if it isn't registered) and skip the password (leave it blank) and enter the chat. It will load full screen on your browser. And should load a lot faster. Especially since we don't have to wait on bravenet then the applet to load. I hope everyone who wanted to chat this week and were unable to get in will try again next week.
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