27 May 2005

Memorial Day 2005

Honor is more than a word. It's an action and a way of living.
We've all seen the old war movies where a man throws his body on a live grenade in order to save his buddies. Marine Corporal Jason Dunham didn't just do that in a movie, he lived it. Faced with a live grenade, he covered it with his Kevlar sustaining wounds which would take his life 8 days later. His two buddies survived with injuries. Corporal Jason Dunham has been nominated for the Medal of Honor. And there is no greater example of what it takes to achieve this award than Corporal Jason Dunham USMC.
The remains of Corporal Dunham's Kevlar
Corporal Dunham was a man. A man with honor that some in this country will never achieve in a million years. The kind of honor that puts the lives of others ahead of his own. The example of an American Soldier that is unmatched. His actions were not to seek glory or this prestigious medal. But to save life, achieve victory, and Honor. In my mind, Memorial Day 2005 is dedicated to the memory of Corporal Jason Dunham, USMC. And when you are enjoying that hotdog and the company of your family this weekend, remember who has given you that ability. And if you have occasion to type off an email to your Congressman and Senators, urge the speedy award of his nomination.


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