25 May 2005

A New Shirt At The Store and Blogger Problems

Isn't this a great looking shirt?!? Stop by the store and pick one up.
Blogger has been a problem for some of us die hard bloggers. No matter your personal politics, those of us who write about the political arena depend upon our blog host to be up and running. Last night my good friend Jay had a problem with Stop The ACLU. For some reason, we could not view his blog nor could he post to it. And that is bad. As easy as blogger is to use (unless you are trying to upload an image), it seems to be a bad deal for dependability. Stop The ACLU will soon be moving to www.stoptheaclu.com. And once that happens, the dependability and stabilization of his blog will be 100% better. I am also going to be moving. The inability to access my blog exactly when I want is becoming a problem. I have found a host for my new website that will guarantee 99.9999% up time. The hosting comes with blogging software, more storage than I'll ever need, tons of bandwidth, and 100 email accounts. I have my pages designed and about 70% complete so when I make the move, it will be to just make the purchase, get the setup confirmation from the host and upload the files. This should be done in less than 3 weeks. Jay on the other hand, has a friend of ours helping with his design. And because this friend is quite busy with his own life's projects, Jay is playing the waiting game. But the quicker that he can get moved the better for Stop The ACLU. Because if he loses viewership, we all lose. Since his site is the hub for a lot of us.


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