19 May 2005

Stop The ACLU BlogBurst May 19, 2005

This Week's Subject: ACLU's Supprt Of Legalized Unregulated Prostitution
Visit the ACLU's website and type Prostitution in the search bar and you get a variety of results. Everything from their opposition to a city ordinance banning public nudity aimed at eliminating strip clubs in Erie, PA, to Detroit profiling men in public parks. Now I know that these examples aren't the exact subject for today's BlogBurst. I only mention them because the ACLU avoids the real question. Putting up examples of laws aimed at public lewdness instead of addressing what was inquired. It's not just limited to the issue of prostitution, it's every issue that they address. They hide their policies preferring to only clue in the public to their agenda through court filings. But here is the real truth. I am re-printing (cross posting) my friend Jay's post. He has a source that knows the ACLU policy reguarding prostitution.
The ACLU's Policy 211 is straightforward. "The ACLU supports the decriminalization of prostitution and opposes state regulation of prostitution". They base their argument on several points, including that existing laws are discrimination against women, and the right of individual privacy. They argue that what two consenting adults in private do is their own business. Prostitution is private? But isn’t the prostitute engaging in business, isn’t she providing a service? Would we not regulate and license a business? You wouldn’t want a general contractor to work on your house without a license would you? That would be unsafe as is an unregulated prostitute. However, the ACLU doesn't believe in that philosophy. The question of privacy comes in if the government is allowed to regulate the oldest profession. As for it being a privacy it seems a contradiction to me when they also state that the "public" solicitation of prostitution is "entitled to the protection of the First Amendment". "It's not just the bedroom that the ACLU wishes to make off-limits to public censure, but also the local street corner, presumably even if that corner is regularly used by school children crossing the street." Source Privacy applies to two consenting adults when no contract is involved; a date with no expectation of performance is a far cry from paying for a service. And what good would it do for women's rights to decriminalize this? One could argue that women should not be punished for their own exploitation. But how does decriminalizing pimps, buyers, procurers, brothels or other sex establishments offer any solution to this? Decriminalization would do nothing but expand the sex industry and send a message to society that it is acceptable. And a system unregulated would do nothing for women's health, and would only promote the spread disease. The more I learn about the ACLU, the more I am convinced that they want to establish a new society based on everything immoral. They are blinded by their elitist ideology to the point they can't even conceive of the possible consequences that will result if they are enacted. The scary thing is that they hold so much power, and lack so much responsibility. They must be stopped. This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst! If you would like to join, it is very simple. Go to our new portal at Protest The ACLU , click where it says "sign up now", and fill out a simple form. This will enable us to send you a weekly newsletter with information, and keep your email private. Current members who have not registered, please do so. There are additonal advantages and features that will be available for you there...you can opt to use them, or not. Thank you! And just a reminder that we hold an open chat every Friday night. It begins at 8:00 pm EST and lasts until whenever. You can join us there by clicking on the link in the side bar or visiting Stop The ACLU and clicking on the header of tomorrow's evening post. Help Put A Stop To The Most Dangerous Organization In America. We are trying to organize a march on all of the ACLU state offices in all of the 50 states. To help in this matter, we are trying to raise money to pay for advertising in our nation's newspapers promoting the march. You can help. Visit Bulldoze The ACLU online store and buy a bumper sticker or t-shirt. All of the proceedes will be going into advertising for this march. Thank You.


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