31 May 2005

Zarqawi: Alive or Dead?

An audio tape claiming to be of terror mastermind Musab Abu al-Zarqawi, has been released. On the tape, the speaker claims to have been wounded but the reports of the grave nature of those wounds have been overstated. The speaker claims that he has been treated and is in command of day to day operations of Iraq's al-Qaeda network. In the tape that the speaker has titled, "A letter from a soldier on the firing line to his commander," the speaker downplays the seriousness of his injuries. The voice addressing bin-Laden states, "I am sure you have heard through the media that I was wounded and treated in a Ramadi hospital. I would like to assure you and the Muslim nation that these were pure allegations. It was a light wound, thank God. We are back fighting them in the land of the two rivers." "It was one of the greatest battles of Islam," the speaker said. "We would like to assure you that we are continuing on the path of jihad, we are committed to our pledge. We will either win or die trying." According to military officials, 125 militants were killed during the week long offensive against Zarqawi's forces. In the same operation 9 Marines were killed and 40 injured, and an undetermined number of civilians were killed or wounded.
On FoxNews Channel's morning show, Fox And Friends, it was stated that Zarqawi claimed to have forwarded a battle plan to bin-Laden for his approval and suggestions. How true is all of this? The tape has been released but the voice cannot be positively confirmed to be that of Zarqawi at this time. My spin... It seems to me that these terrorists are like cockroaches. Difficult to find in the light and hard to kill. Osama bin-Laden has bee surviving for years in the mountains and caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Zarqawi living on the run, under fire, and now wounded, survives despite a large bounty on his head. They both know, if they come out of their hiding places long enough to get a fix on them, they would catch a cruise missile in the chest. End of Rant
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