28 June 2005

Kerry 180 BlogBurst 6/28/05

It was 149 Days ago that John Kerry told a national television office that he would sign SF-180 to release his military service records. And after months of dealing with groups of bloggers and blog readers flooding his fax machine with blank copies of SF-180, he finally signed the form 39 days ago. Last Tuesday, Power Line published images of the signed SF-180. It's been 39 days since they've been signed and still no word on the contents of his military records. As it is, Kerry delayed mailing the form even after it was signed. Why? Stall tactics. This man ran for President of the United States of America. He wanted to be the leader of the free world. And there is some speculation that he originally received a discharge under less than honorable conditions. Which is equivalent to a Bad Conduct Discharge. Senator Kerry's activities after leaving Vietnam and the years of his military obligation don't jive. He had even paid a visit to North Vietnam while he was still supposed to be in the Navy. The discharge paperwork that he provided the first time this information was requested is dated 1978. Which would be aptly timed for a pardon discharge upgrade signed into law by The Peanut Man Carter. Now, lets break this down. As a Naval Reserve Officer, Kerry was obligated to serve 6 years in the Naval Reserves. He graduates college in 1968 and enters the Naval Reserve. This would make his obligation from 1968 to 1974. Soon after returning from Vietnam, he is doing anti-war rallies with Hanoi Jane and even makes a trip to North Vietnam in 1972 while under military obligation. On January 20, 1978, President Carter signed an executive order issuing a pardon for all who avoided serving during the Vietnam Conflict. All military deserters were given the pardon also. Their discharges where given a blanket upgrade to honorable. John Kerry's discharge is dated in 1978 not 1974. Interesting huh. So don't you think that he has something to gain by delaying the release of these records? First, he makes a promise. Then he doesn't follow through with it until public pressure was put upon him to sign the document releasing the information. He then delays putting it in the mail. He can't claim that he didn't have a stamp, members of Congress get free postal service. And now I'm sure he's burning up the phone lines trying to delay the release of the information or trying to find a way to do what he did during the campaign, sanitize the records. This man shouldn't be trusted any further than I can throw the Washinton Monument. The people of Massechusetts should demandl his recall.


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