17 June 2005

Launch Of GribbitOnline.com

Some of you may be aware that I have been working on launching a new website. Well, as of today, its up and running. There still remains some bugs in the system. But all in all, it's up. So if you would like to take a look, please do. www.GribbitOnline.com Congressional Emergency Urge passage of HR 2679, The Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005. What this bill does, is to remove the ability for the award of federal funding in order to recover legal fees. These suits are often taken pro bono. But once won, the attorneys are able to recover legal fees from the government. We need to get groups like the ACLU off the Taxpayers' Dime. Call, write, or email your Congressman and Senators and urge passage of this bill.


Blogger pappy said...

100% with you, we need to get more people informed on this bill.
keep up the good work

6/17/2005 03:24:00 PM  
Blogger Amy Allen said...

Love the new template & good luck with Gribbit Online.com

6/17/2005 05:34:00 PM  

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