29 June 2005

Thought Police in 2005? It may be coming...

The Federal Elections Commission is considering new rules which may restrict what you can, and cannot say in a political blog. Thought Police. George Orwell wrote about "Big Brother" in his novel 1984. It is amazing how insightful that book was. Here in 2005 we are starting to see the first evidence that "Big Brother" may be on his way. Those of us who are active in Stop The ACLU are just as outraged at the potential invasion of our basic Constitutional rights. The 1st Amendment is a common debate in our circle. But the ability for us to debate and our rights to say what we want is never a question. As opposed as we are to the ACLU, one of their tenants, Free Speech, is also one of ours. Both Conservative and Liberal bloggers who would never agree on very much, are outraged on this issue. So much so that the author of Daily KOS, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, testified before the commission. His prepared remarks are listed on Daily KOS. Every major Conservative Blog has touched on this issue today. FoxNews is treating this as a major news story. Anchor Sheppard Smith interviewing Judge Andrew Nepolitano made a statement saying, "if they don't like what you say, they can take your house and put up a mansion." The Judge added, " and receive more money in tax revenue." source Studio B with Shappard Smith FNC, June 29, 2005 Regulating blogs, keeping track of gun owners, removing religion from public life, cameras on our streets photographing everyone who drives or walks down them, taking people's homes and turning them over to private developers, and making us pay more for our lack of these freedoms through our tax money, is the first steps in removing our way of life. Until the FEC's board of attorney's recommended regulation of political websites and blogs, the idea that this was our electronic version of taking a box, standing upon it in the center of our local park, and ranting about what we see as injustice in our communities and our government was undeniable. Regulation of blogs and websites equates to regulation of newspapers and magazines. No department of the federal government is suggesting that we monitor the New York Times or US News and World Report. But the FEC is considering monitoring us. Facts are facts. If a blogger is using his/her forum as a profit making enterprise to further a political candidate and sling mud at another is improper. To me, they aren't a blogger. Bloggers give opinions on issues. My endorsement of any candidate has nothing to do with money. I am not paid for what I say or what I write. If I trash a candidate it is because of what they have said or done. And I use past actions to predict future actions of political candidates. And that is what most of us do. We regulate ourselves, have editorial responsibility to ourselves, spark debate on a personal level, and ultimately get people to think. And that is all good. Why regulate us? My idea is to have a one time, one day, bipartisan BlogBurst voicing our Pledge not to comply with any infringement on our 1st Amendment rights.
Blogger's 1st Amendment Pledge If the FEC makes rules that limit my First Amendment right to express my opinion on core political issues, I will not obey those rules.


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