12 June 2005

WTC 9/11 Memorial Desecrated Before Being Built

Desecrated is the appropriate word. Those who lost their lives on that terrible day in 2001 are about to face the ultimate dishonor. A memorial which should be built entirely to their memory is being planned to portray the United States in some dark light. The International Freedom Center being planned by anti-war financiers such as George Soros, will feature American atrocities against Native Americans and African Americans. IFC President Dick Tofel tried to smooth over the situation raised by Debra Burlingame's Wall Street Journal Op/Ed piece in June 7th's issue.
Mr. Tofel wrote:
As envisioned in Daniel Libeskind's master plan for the site's redevelopment, the International Freedom Center's building will serve as a buffer between the sacred Memorial and the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city, including the thousands of people who will move each day in and out of Santiago Calatrava's spectacular new transit hub.

But the International Freedom Center itself will do much more than that. It will serve as a complement to the Memorial, bringing a universal "narrative of hope" to a place where hope is imperative.

While these issues are important to the history of our nation, they have no place on this hallowed ground. The images planned for the IFC will dishonor the memories of the workers within the WTC and the Pentagon, the passengers and crew on the 4 airplanes, the firefighters, and policemen who lost their lives or have been profoundly affected by that horrible day. The dishonor will come in the form of the over-shadowing of the actual events which sparked the building of the memorial in the first place by atrocities committed early in our history. The aims of these ultra liberal "guilty" rich white guys, are going to do more to open wounds than to heal any.
Burlingame, who was personally affected by the events of 9/11, had this to say in her Op/Ed piece:
Do we really want Ground Zero to be the playground of anti-war financiers, moral equivalence peddlers, and Guantanamo Bay alarmists? As Burlingame told me yesterday, "Ground Zero belongs to all the American people. If Ground Zero is lost, whether through negligence or malfeasance, it will be a loss that is felt for generations to come."

Richard Tofel, IFC president, is minimizing dissenters. In a statement, he told me that "we understand that a few do not" agree with the project's stated mission of promoting the "cause of freedom." The question is not whether most Americans support a monument to freedom, but whether they will stand by while saboteurs convert it into The Ultimate Guilt Complex.

How can I possibly follow that up. Ms. Burlingame is so on target with this. So I'll leave it to Michelle Malkin to express what we all must be feeling about this. She says,:
Before he [meaning Tofel] was head of the IFC, he was a top Dow Jones/WSJ executive from 1989-2004 (which, curiously, the piece doesn't disclose). He grandly quotes Lincoln and Learned Hand. But he ignores Burlingame's specific concerns over the left-leaning, War on Terror-opposing staff, consultants, and advisors in charge of shaping the IFC's grand "narrative of hope."

Tofel claims the IFC "will rise above the politics of the moment." The politics of the moment is Bush-bashing, guilt-mongering. The IFC's chief driving force, as Burlingame notes, is Tom Bernstein--head of one of the leading Bush-bashing, guilt-mongering human rights organizations in the nation. How can the IFC "rise above" the very politics of its own co-founder? Tofel doesn't say.

And what about the disappearance of the Iraqi voter mural? What about the pressure from the ACLU to include its America=Gulag exhibits? What about the involvement of moonbats such as Eric Foner and George Soros?

And Jeff Jarvis has these questions,:
Oh, and by the way, when you build this center, will you include the atrocities of the Saudis and Saddam Hussein and the PLO and all the tyrants of the Middle East? Will have you have an exhibit about the women there who do not have the freedom to vote or even drive?

Will you build a special wing for the special sickness that is suicide terrorism -- in Israel and in Iraq and at the World Trade Center? Or will you be afraid of offending Muslims?

People let's return to our focus here. We were attacked by these people. We didn't ask for them to come there and crash airplanes into our buildings and kill over 3,000 people. They did this on their own. And to distract the focus of the visitors to the new WTC Complex who wish to see a memorial that was promised with this crap that these guilty rich white guys want to put on the site instead, is disgusting.
If they wish to build that kind of memorial, let them do it on the soon to be former Useless Nations site after we kick their worthless asses out. But Ground Zero is hallowed ground and should be reserved to the memories of those who were murdered by those cowardly individuals.
Hat tip to Michelle Malkin, who I stole most of the content of this post. Thank you. Congressional Emergency
Urge passage of HR 2679, The Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005. What this bill does, is to remove the ability for the awarding of federal funding in order to recover legal fees in court cases involving challenges to the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment. These suits are often taken pro bono. But once won, the attorneys are able to recover legal fees from the government. We need to get groups like the ACLU off the Taxpayers' Dime. Call, write, or email your Congressman and Senators and urge passage of this bill.


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