04 July 2005

Don't Misunderstand Us

I would like to take a minute to settle something. Something that I believe is misconstrued by our adversaries. We have at our core the same goals as the ACLU when it comes to real civil liberties. For example, racial intolerance.
People this is 2005. There is no room in this nation for anyone who isn't tolerant of other races, genders, or religious creed. If you cannot see everyone in this nation as a brother or sister American, then you don't belong here. There is a case against a South Dakota school system that irritates me every time that I read of it. It is a case of a double standard in the school disciplinary policy towards Native-Americans. Remember folks, we are the invaders on this land. It belonged to their ancestors before the white man stuck his first ugly footprint on this beautiful continent. The Native-American heritage has throughout our history been shunned for no reason. As a white man, I personally see the Native American customs of the various tribes as American heritage. And as an American, my heritage. If not for Native Americas, the Pilgrims would have died in the new world. As beautiful as our land is, at times it could be seen as inclement. And during the harsh winters, food is scarce. The Native Americans instructed our forefathers how to survive the winters. And we rewarded them with taking their land. As terrible as our history has been to African Americans, our treatment of Native Americans has in some instances been worse. That is not to say that our treatment of African Americans is any more tolerable. Treatment of both peoples are a blight on our reputation. We shepherded them onto Reservations which tended to be the least desirable land in the particular area. We have denied them proper services and have denied them opportunities to succeed. But in recent years with the opening of gambling on Reservations, we have attempted to take advantage of our Native brothers and sisters by invading their gambling houses and buying our cigarettes at cheaper prices on their land. But they will have the last laugh. They have found a way to "scalp" us. Luring us in like a fly to the spider they take our money. They take advantage of our greed. And I for one applaud them for it. The ACLU is taking the school in question to court over their double standard. And I for one am on their side this time. Racial intolerance has no place in the United States. To think, we would have learned our lesson by now.
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