30 July 2005

Hopefully This Is A Trend

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Under investigation by the FBI, under the microscope by us, and the American public is starting to wise up to their terrorist tactics, there seems to be some dissention in the ranks of the Most Dangerous Organization in America. This was in my Google Alerts via email (source):
Resignations, infighting eclipsse achievements of local ACLU branch By Peter Shinkle Of the Post-Dispatch 07/31/2005
Even as it challenges the FBI's tactics, the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri is being wracked by internal turmoil. Its legal director and two key volunteers have resigned, and a man seeking election as board president is fending off claims of racial bias.
Racial bias huh. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! (in by best Gomer voice).
Denise Lieberman, the group's legal director since 1997, resigned effective July 15 for reasons that have not been revealed. Some ACLU members have expressed concern over her departure, and two volunteers have resigned from key positions. Katherine Goldwasser, an associate dean of Washington University's law school, said she resigned July 7 from the group's legal steering committee, which decides the cases the group will pursue. She said she tried to discover why Lieberman resigned but could not get to the bottom of the matter. "I lost confidence in the local ACLU, and I resigned," Goldwasser said.
"I lost confidence in the local ACLU...", wow that's a shock. The vast majority of the people in the United States have lost confidence in the ACLU. They are being exposed for what they are, judicial terrorists. From their founding by self professed Communists in 1920 until present day, their main goal was to turn the United States into a socialist nation. That is why Stop The ACLU was formed. And the goal of our organization is exposing the ACLU for what they really are, terrorists hell bent on destroying our way of life.
Meanwhile, board member Ray Hartmann said he wants to replace the current board president. Hartmann said he believes his own media experience will enable him to help the ACLU achieve a higher public profile at a time when civil liberties are threatened. Hartmann, 53, founded the Riverfront Times, a free weekly newspaper in St. Louis, in 1977. He sold the paper in 1998, though he continued writing columns for it until 2002. He also has been a regular panelist on a local public affairs TV show, "Donnybrook," for almost two decades. Pointing to his media experience, he said, "I'm in an unusually good position to give us a higher visibility on a lot of issues than we've had." Another ACLU member, longtime civil rights activist Percy Green, contends Hartmann's decision to run for the presidency has created perceptions of "racial overtones. The ACLU's executive director, Brenda Jones, is the first African-American ever to hold that position. She was hired 10 months ago during the term of the current board president, Adam Zaretsky, Green said. Under a long-standing tradition at the organization, once a person is elected to the board's presidency for a one-year term, that person's candidacy is not challenged in the subsequent two elections, ensuring a three-year tenure as board president. Zaretsky first won election as board president last year and is facing his first re-election Sunday. Hartmann, however, has placed his name on the ballot to contest the post. Green said Hartmann's candidacy shows that Zaretsky is "being punished" for his role in hiring the group's first black executive director. "I don't think that would happen if she weren't black," Green said.
Not a very PC stance for an organization which touts itself as the defender of civil rights is it? I thought they were founded to protect the "Civil Liberties" of all Americans. And they try to call us racists. What a laugh.
Green said he and Hartmann have been friends and have been on the same side on an array of issues over the years. "I think Ray Hartmann is a good person, but something is wrong with this challenge. Now is not the time." Hartmann responded that his candidacy is unrelated to the hiring of Jones or Lieberman's resignation. "It's not about Brenda, and it's not about race," he said. "I have the highest regard for Brenda Jones and have had since the first time I met her. She is a terrific director, period, end of report. "I have nothing but respect for Percy Green. It makes me sad that he would say that," he added.
Do I detect a level of hostility? The words being exchanged between these two sounds like the rhetoric between a lefty and a hard-right conservative. Isn't it great!
Hartmann declined to comment on Lieberman's departure, saying it is a personnel matter. He said he has no criticism of Zaretsky. Hartmann added that he wants to be president because he believes he can help improve the organization's communication with the board and with the public. "I'm talking to you. Is he?" Zaretsky, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, did not return several calls seeking comment.
And around and around they go, where they stop nobody knows. And the survivor wins all the marbles and the criticism for life.
Lieberman also declined to comment on her reasons for resigning, saying her separation agreement with the group blocked her from speaking. In a June 20 e-mail to colleagues, she said she was announcing her departure "with great sadness" from a position she described as "the job of a lifetime." Karen Tokarz, a Washington University law professor and ACLU member, described Lieberman's departure as a "huge loss." "She's an exceptionally well-qualified civil rights lawyer," Tokarz added.
Of course she can't talk, do you think that the ACLU wants the truth to be known? Come on, this organization cries foul when the government tries to keep a secret for National Security reasons or incomplete investigations. But they go out of their way to shield their activities from the public.
She won't talk because she got a severance package from the organization and signed a non-disclosure agreement. She knows better than anyone what kind of tactics the ACLU uses and doesn't want to be their next victim.
Marilyn Teitelbaum, an attorney in private practice who has volunteered as one of the group's general counsels for more than a decade, also has resigned effective upon the group's finding a replacement. She declined to discuss the reason for her departure. The departures at the organization have set the backdrop for the election. ACLU members will gather at 2 p.m. today at Washington University Law School to vote on the board presidency. "We're not going to fall apart, and we're going to work through whatever issues we need to work through. There's no question about that," she said. No, go ahead and fall apart. It would be the best thing that you could do for the nation.
And here comes the propaganda. I'm only including it to be "fair and balanced". HA! Who am I kidding? I'm including it to back up my own claims.
The ACLU has deep roots in St. Louis. Roger Baldwin, a conscientious objector during World War I who taught at Washington University, went on to help found the ACLU in New York in 1920. A St. Louis civil rights group formed in that same year - the St. Louis Civil Rights Committee - changed its name to the ACLU of Eastern Missouri in 1968. The St. Louis chapter's cases have included one in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1993 that a Ladue ordinance violated a woman's First Amendment rights by barring her from having an anti-Gulf War sign in her window. Recently, the group has helped bring a lawsuit claiming that St. Louis police carried out arrests that violated the rights of people planning a protest at the World Agriculture Forum in 2003. In addition, the group publicly criticized the FBI for investigating three young Missouri men who planned a protest at the Democratic National Convention in Boston last year. The FBI has defended the probe as a justified response to a credible threat of violence. In addition, the group last year launched a racial justice initiative. It includes a program aiming to improve relations between citizens in north St. Louis and the police force, while at the same time protecting citizens' rights in cases of improper policing. Jones, a communications specialist who formerly worked for the Missouri Botanical Garden, said that for the ACLU the racial justice initiative is "a new way of thinking about how to work in these communities."
Here's the bottom line campers, they are imploding. This FBI report when made available to special prosecutors and eventually the public, will be the unraveling of this Un-American organization. And some of their own members know it. And like rats, they are deserting the ship before it sinks. Help us put another hole in that ship. Join our BlogBurst and take some shots. Thank you to our friends at Mudville Gazette. Blogger's 1st Amendment Pledge If the FEC makes rules that limit my First Amendment right to express my opinion on core political issues, I will not obey those rules.


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