23 July 2005

Is Fark Worth It?

I'm beginning to wonder if Fark is worth all the hassle. I joined as a suggestion under the idea that it could increase my traffic. And it did. But then there are problems. I am careful about how often I submit a link. I only link to threads that I feel are more important. I don't change the title of my threads on the submission form, I don't file my threads under topics which tend to generate more traffic. I file my threads under asinine or misc. And always under politics. I never use all caps as one idiot claims that I have. But all that being said, since early in the AM on Thursday, I've been suspended from submitting links for whatever reason that I cannot figure out. Friday night Stop the ACLU started getting troll traffic. Well guess who is being blamed for submitting the link to the thread? Me. And I've been suspended since before the thread was written. And I didn't even write it. But you can't tell these idiots that. On top of everything, a few of them decided to use a government website as their email address. So I sent an email to the webmaster of the site. I'm sure the IG of the Federal Trade Commission will be real interested in these individuals. Here are their comments:

  1. Why do you people hate America so much that you’d speak out against civil liberties, and would deliberately lie to do so? The court didn’t “find the Jamboree unconstitutional” as you erroneously claim. It found government funding of the jamboree unconstitutional. If you were half as conservative as you claim to be, you wouldn’t want your tax dollars going to that either. Let the people attending the Jamboree pay for the Jamboree. You’re just a bunch of pinko liberals who expect the government to pay for everything, and you’ll distort the truth to hide that fact. Go back to the Soviet Union, you ungrateful bastards.

    Comment by John Q. Public — July 22, 2005 @ 11:48 pm

  2. you guys need to shut the hell up

    Comment by BEER — July 23, 2005 @ 12:06 am

  3. Gribbit, you clearly need to lay off the vodka, comrade. I didn’t speak out against the Jamboree, I just said that the people who attend shoud pay for it instead of me. You slimy liberals need to get your dirty fingers out of my wallet.

    Comment by John Q. Public — July 23, 2005 @ 12:10 am

  4. Gribbit, you’re the one advocating taxpayer dollars for the Jamboree, not me. How dare you call me a liberal, when you’re the one who is being all tax-and-spend, you hypocrite.

    Comment by John Q. Public — July 23, 2005 @ 12:17 am

  5. Gribbit, I’m too smart to give a pseudo-conservative such as yourself a link to my website. We want thoughtful Americans there, not someone who throws around American taxpayer dollars willy-nilly. Be more like Jay, who admitted to being a liberal. I may not agree with his ideas, but I can at least respect his desire to debate ideas with honesty and civility. You, on the other hand, are beneath me, so I’m done with you.

    Comment by John Q. Public — July 23, 2005 @ 12:37 am

  6. Man…Whichever one of you asshats keeps submitting this crap to Fark.com every single night…I’m donating $5 to the ACLU every time you do, from now on.

    And $10 when it’s done under a false headline.

    Comment by Magic — July 23, 2005 @ 12:43 am

  7. Oh! Hey! Whaddya know! It’s Gribbit submitting it.

    Congratulations, Gribbit. You are now responsible for multiple cash donations to the ACLU.

    So much for trying to stop them, eh?

    Comment by Magic — July 23, 2005 @ 1:17 am




    Comment by TotalFark — July 23, 2005 @ 1:20 am

  9. Y’know, damn…I never much cared enough about the ACLU one way or another…But after seeing all this stuff…I decided to read their website a bit after I donated…I think I’m going to make a habit of it - they sound like a pretty cool organization.

    Comment by Magic — July 23, 2005 @ 1:23 am

  10. A habit of donating, that is.

    Thanks, Gribbit, for opening my eyes, and showing me a better way of spending that $5 a week than Whataburger.

    Comment by Magic — July 23, 2005 @ 1:24 am

  11. Thanks for inspiring me Gribbit… to become a card carrying member of the ACLU after reading their website, which by the way, doesn’t look like it was designed by retarded monkeys.

    Pony up the $5 for Totalfark so we can flame you in person, or stop submitting pointless links that waste everyone’s time.

    Comment by Joe SixPack — July 23, 2005 @ 1:39 am

  12. Tell the ACLU I’m in for $25 a month. I might need them to defend my First Amendment right to talk to the press. Thanks Gribble for pointing me to them.

    Comment by K. Rove — July 23, 2005 @ 1:48 am

  13. You really, honestly think they’re anti-christ when they defend morons like Jerry Falwell?

    When they defend a Presbyterian church in Nebraska from being evicted?

    When their threat of lawsuit kept baptisms in public parks legal in Virginia?

    Just because you never read about them defending Christians on FreeRepublic, doesn’t mean it never happened.

    Comment by Joe SixPack — July 23, 2005 @ 2:30 am

So I sent this to the Federal Trade Commission. My reason? The person calling himself John Q. Public, Total Fark, and Karl Rove is the same person. I can tell by your IP. And this idiot is using an email address that leads to the Federal Trade Commission. Here is the email that I sent to the Webmaster of ftc.gov:
I am contacting you to inform you that someone using a ftc.gov email address is trolling Conservative Blogs leaving hateful comments.
I represent a group of Bloggers who are involved in politically oriented subject matter. We have been fielding comments from an individual who is attempting to hide his identity by using your website as a base for a fraudulent email address.
We felt that you should be made aware of this misuse in the event that it is a government employee doing so. I am including the email address that this person used and the IP that he sent the comments from for your examination.
Thank you for your time,
[my name]
Stop The ACLU.com
Used email and IP
under the names of Total Fark, Karl Rove, and John Q. Public
this individual also used http://www.whitehouse.com as their URL
It seems that we are starting to hit some nerves. Now I don't mind taking the blame for something that I did, but I didn't do anything. Nothing outside of my normal troll bashing. I did nothing to deserve to be suspended from Fark to begin with. I've linked maybe 3 of my own links, about 3 from Stop The ACLU on Jay's request, and one for Is It Just Me. And I love how I got the blame for submitting a link to a thread that wasn't authored until after I was suspended. Pay $5.00 to join Total Fark? I think not. Especially if it attracts individuals with such low mental skills as these idiots. Let me know what you think. Blogger's 1st Amendment Pledge If the FEC makes rules that limit my First Amendment right to express my opinion on core political issues, I will not obey those rules.


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