26 July 2005

The People Want Roberts

According to the latest numbers from the Gallop Organization, the people want John Roberts. The latest poll has the American public 59% for approval, 22% for not approving, and 17% with no opinion, and a +/- 1% error factor. (source: Special Report w/ Brit Hume FNC, July 26, 2005) That is a significant number. Almost 2/3 of all the people in this nation want John Roberts on the high court. How could that be if he is as controversial as the left is claiming. Today the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Arlen Spector (R PA), has announced that if he cannot get any assurances of a final confirmation vote prior to September 29, that he would call the Committee back from the summer recess a week early and begin the hearings on August 29th rather than September 6th. "We are looking for ways to have commitments or assurances that we can vote Judge Roberts no later than Thursday, September the 29, which would enable us to swear him in on the 30th, and have him get his seat on October 3," Specter said. "If we cannot have those kind of assurances, then it may be necessary to go to the August 29th date, because there are many unpredictable factors which can arise to delay the proceedings." source The document frenzy has already started. And it's the usual suspects requesting privileged information. "'I am disappointed that the administration has so quickly closed the door on providing Judge Roberts' documents to the Judiciary Committee. It is far too early to know whether the committee will need those documents and I hope the White House will keep an open mind on document requests,' Sen. Charles Schumer (D NY), said of the first Bush administration documents." source Only a client can release his/her attorney from his obligation to respect the Attorney/Client privilege. If the attorney does so without such a waver from his/her client, they are subject to disciplinary action including removal from the BAR. As Solicitor General, John Roberts' client was the President of the United States. And just because an attorney no longer represents a client, he/she is no less obligated to protect that privilege. To violate it without such a waiver, the attorney is assisting in the violation of his/her client's 5th Amendment Rights. Charlie is a moron of the first caliber. And there is no one denying that. He is the most incompetent individual on the Judiciary Committee. Knowing that if the political roles were reversed, he would be protecting the President's nominee unconditionally. But since the President is a Conservative, he is fundamentally opposed to anything less than obstructing the progress of the Committee. Why? To delay a vote on the floor. So Charlie the Moron... Take a look at the numbers Charlie. The people want Roberts. So shut your pie hole about documents that you are never in a million years are ever going to get. Give Chairman Spector his assurances so the Senate can proceed and confirm our next Associate Justice to the Supreme Court. You know that you don't have a snow ball's chance in Hell of blocking it once it hits the floor. So can we get on with the show? A special thanks to our friends from Mudville Gazette and Outside The Beltway.
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