18 August 2005

The ACLU - Protectors Of Crime & The Criminal Element

This past spring, the ACLU led the anti-border control rhetoric when it openly opposed the Minuteman Project. They even sent "legal observers" (who were actually caught on film breaking the law) to watch these patriotic citizens. I just played it off to their anti-American background and agenda of seeing an end of traditional America to be replaced something reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. Then I read a news story sent to my email via Google Alerts using the keyword "ACLU". Then I had an epiphany. They are opposed to any citizen led organization that is meant to stop crime. I don't remember that far back, but I am wondering if they were opposed to neighborhood watches? Judging by their opposition to today's news story and the Minutemen they would have had to be.
Here's the thread courtesy of Orlando Sentinel:
The American Civil Liberties Union chapter in Central Florida on Tuesday decried a new crime-watch program that employs businesses as the "eyes and ears" of law-enforcement agencies in Orange County. Truly Nolen, the pest-control company with signature mouse ears on its cars, recently agreed to collaborate with the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the Orlando Police Department and let its employees report suspicious activities. However, the ACLU said the program smacks of spying, and its president, George Crossley, said the ACLU will file public-records requests to find out whether local police agencies have enlisted other businesses in a similar regional program begun last year. "This is a misguided attempt by the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the [Orange-Osceola] State Attorney's Office to intentionally turn neighbors against neighbors," Crossley said in a news conference held on a sidewalk next to the Orlando Sentinel. A Truly Nolen official called the ACLU's criticism "patently absurd" and said the company would not spy on customers. "It is nothing more than crime watch, the same [program] that has been in existence from more than 30 years ago," said Barry Murray, vice president of marketing at Truly Nolen's Hallandale office. "Whoever came up with this idea that somehow we're getting special police training for the purpose of spying on people is blatantly false." Murray said company workers would spot anything unusual in neighborhoods and report it to police. He stressed that the company's "Eyes and Ears" program is not affiliated with the Citizen Awareness Program, a controversial plan established last year by Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary and State Attorney Lawson Lamar to employ utility workers and others against crime and terrorism. At the time, the ACLU and other civil-rights groups criticized the plan to train firefighters, cable repairmen and others to ferret out terrorism, drug trafficking and child pornography for local police, saying it would result in racial profiling and innocent people being targeted. Pedro Ruz Gutierrez can be reached at pruz@orlandosentinel.com or 407-420-5620. Copyright © 2005, Orlando Sentinel | Get home delivery - up to 50% off NOTE: In Accordance With Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, This Material Is Distributed Without Profit Or Payment To Those Who Have Expressed A Prior Interest In Receiving This Information For Non-Profit Research And Educational Purposes Only.
So it is abundantly clear that if you wish to protect your home, business, or nation against those who are hell-bent on committing crimes, you are violating the civil rights of the criminal by not allowing them to commit the crime first. There is an old cliche', "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." But I guess that the ACLU hasn't heard that one. They are perfectly content to allow illegal aliens the ability to violate the sovereignty of our nation, terrorists to bomb our people, criminals to break into our homes and rob our businesses, and pedophiles to kidnap, rape, and murder our children rather than allow the citizens of a community be pro-active in preventing these crimes from happening. Each and every day, the ACLU (either national or state chapters) release statements and file legal actions against citizens, communities, schools, and governments in order to put forth their agenda. And they are successful in that effort due to the fact that prior to filing these suits, they send a threatening letter to their target informing them of the costly legal actions which they are about to begin if they don't capitulate to the will of the mighty ACLU. In other words, Extortion. This is a RICO ACT violation at best and terrorism at worse. If a citizen of Italian American decent did the same to a fellow citizen, he would be investigated by the FBI under the RICO ACT. This is extortion and racketeering being put forth by the ACLU and no one on the left seems to mind. But it occurs to me that Robert F. Kennedy as Attorney General of the United States then as a United States Senator fully exploited the RICO ACT to pursue "Organized Crime". So, where is brother Teddy "The Lush"? The Kennedy's are the nation's most liberal families and Bobby had the stones to pursue violations of the RICO ACT but "The Lush" isn't calling for an investigation of the ACLU under the same law. We hear from our detractors each and every day for being on the front lines opposing these anti-Americans. We get called names and are subjected to anonymous or near anonymous rantings from individuals who aren't brave enough to publish their own thoughts in the same manner that we do. So do yourselves a favor, back up what you have the guts to put into our comments sections. Leave a link to your words and thoughts. So that we can repay the favor that you think that you are giving to us. Or in the event that you don't have the guts - SHUT THE (Censor) UP! This has been a production of the Stop The ACLU BlogBurst. To join our BlogBurst, just visit the Protest The ACLU blog community and register. You will then receive an email requesting additional information. Please visit our other BlogBurst contributing blogs for their insight into the evils of the Most Dangerous Organization In America. They are listed in the side bar of this blog. End of Rant
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