01 August 2005

Another Letter From My Congressman

I belong to a service that allows me to send faxes to my congressional representatives and the White House on issues of interest to Conservatives. It's free and allows me to be a thorn in the side of my Congressman and Senators (which is the actual benefit of this). Recently, there were a large number of faxes available to send to Congressional Leaders and the White House concerning illegal immigration, border security, the real id, and other issues. So I flooded Congressional fax machines and the White House with faxes to express my views. Today I have received another reply to my irritation from my Congressman, Rep. Stephen C. LaTourette. And it states...
Thank you for your several faxes on immigration issues. I appreciate you taking the time to contact me. I do not support illegal immigration, and Congress has taken many steps to tighten immigration laws and beef up border security. For instance, Congress has added border patrol officers to better prevent illegal entry. The Intelligence Reform bill, which President Bush signed into law in December 2004, doubled the current number of border patrol officers to 10,000 over the next 5 years. In addition, the conference report on the Iraq and Afghanistan supplemental, which President Bush has signed into law, provides $635 million to hire, train, equip and support an additional 500 Border Patrol Agents and relieve current facility overcrowding. It also includes $97.5 million to hire and train additional criminal investigators and Immigration Enforcement Agents so that we can better keep illegals out. As you may also know, Congress has strengthened deportation laws. The Intelligence Reform bill made visa revocation grounds for deportation, and the REAL ID Act that the House passed requires proof of legal presence in the U.S. before you can be issued a driver's license. You also may be interested to know that one of the committees I sit on is the Government Reform Committee, and we held an oversight hearing on May 12th on securing our borders. A commissioner from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection testified, as did a co-founder of the Arizona Minuteman Project, and counsel of the 9/11 Commission. I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have further questions about this or any other federal matter.
Very truly yours, Stephen C. LaTourette Member of Congress
I am actually satisfied with the information related to me by my Congressman as far as being a report of progress is concerned. But he doesn't address the actual current legislation addressed in my faxes. One of those faxes did include a thank you for supporting a piece of legislation and he didn't acknowledge that either. Which prompts me to wonder, is he just looking at the subject line and the volume of the faxes or is he actually reading them? Oh I'm sure some Congressional Aid that is interning at the House of Representatives that is actually doing the leg work fielding these correspondence. But, never-the-less, compared to my Senators, My Congressman is at least communicating with me.
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