29 August 2005

Being Tagged

Apparently, I've been tagged to participate in a numbers game. Thanks Gina, to this point I've been spared this "honor". But I will endeavor to comply. Ten years ago, I was living in Erie, PA working for RadioShack. I was in RadioShack's management training program. Five years ago, I was living in Kingsville, OH and working as a "Professional Mixologist" aka: bartender. One year ago, I was living here in Ashtabula and recovering from an illness which I'm still on the long road of recovery from. (but it won't be much longer I hope) One day ago, I was blogging, commenting on blogs, and playing a video game (which I'm trying to beat). Five favorite snacks are, chocolate, apples, watermelon, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and Rocky Road Ice cream (which I'm not supposed to eat). Music, I'm a classic rock and 80's hair band fan. And I tend to know the words to most of my favorites. To pick 5 would be too difficult. What would I do with 5 million dollars? Like everyone, pay off debts, invest in a comfortable home, purchase a few luxuries, and start a business. Five places I'd like to escape to? Ireland, Great Britain, the US Virgin Islands, Italy, and Japan. Five things that I wouldn't wear? Anything brown in color (I hate brown clothes), urban culture clothing, swim wear, anything that would bring undue attention to myself, or anything promoting a liberal cause, idea, or candidate. Five favorite TV programs? The O'Reilly Factor, Hannity and Colmes, The Fox Report, Fox And Friends, and Classic Movie Channels (all classic movies). Five Greatest Joys? Joy? There is Joy in the world? Being a Free Born American with all of the freedoms, Living in the Greatest Nation on the face of the planet, A good steak, My dog Razz, And blogging. Five Favorite Toys? My computer, xbox, television, that's pretty much it... I'm 2 short. I'd like to thank Gina from the bottom of my heart for inflicting this torture upon me. Look out everyone, someone is next and it could be any one of you.
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