15 August 2005

A Different Direction (Just Today)

In many states, the school year has already begun. Here in Ohio, it begins at the end of the month. And because it is beginning so soon, there have been ads on television advertising a virtual home schooling program here in Ohio. It is called VCS Ohio. It is a charter school so it gets state funding just like the local public school. But with more individual attention, work at your own pace environment, and free from the traditional distractions involved in a traditional public school. The ads sparked my attention so I looked them up online and checked them out. I was very much impressed. The feeling that I got was that if your child wants to learn, wants to succeed, and wants to attend college, then this is the program for that child. What is VCS Ohio?
VCS Ohio is...

  • Offering a statewide, comprehensive educational program for students in grades K-12.
  • Providing an education to Ohio students at no cost to the student.
  • Established under the Ohio Charter School Law.
  • Operated by educational personnel under the direction of the school superintendent, Don Musick.
  • Sponsored by the Reynoldsburg City School District.
  • Governed by the VCS Ohio School Board.
  • A non-profit virtual community school.
VCS Ohio's Sponsor:

Our Sponsor: The Reynoldsburg City School District

  • There are currently eight schools; 6,476 students; 420 teachers; and 720 staff and administrators in the school district.
  • The district has an operating budget of over $45,000,000.
  • The district's performance matches and often exceeds that of many higher-spending districts.
  • The district's achievements are evidenced by an "Effective" rating on the state local report card for the 2002-03 academic year.
  • By sponsoring the Virtual Community School of Ohio, the Reynoldsburg City School District hopes to provide another avenue by which their students, and students throughout the state, can celebrate even greater academic success.
VCS Ohio mission statement:

The mission of the Virtual Community School of Ohio is to provide a quality virtual education.

VCS is targeting children with special needs, religious differences with traditional public schools, and those who wish to try a different direction in hopes that the individual attention will better prepare them for higher education and a better life. I visited their website and was impressed with the focus of the staff. Teachers are fully accredited, the curriculum is aligned with the Ohio content standards, there is no tuition for the student, books are online and free to the student, contact between the student and teacher or parent and teacher, is available via email and telephone at any time the child needs assistance. The student isn't limited to the confines of the traditional school day. They can access the online school and their classwork at any time day or night. Students who advance faster are permitted to advance at their own pace. Likewise, those who need to spend extra time to make sure that they understand are also permitted to do so. Unlike traditional high school, a daily class in a particular subject isn't limited to 30 or 40 minutes shared with 20 or 30 other students. The student spends the amount of time that he or she needs to understand the material without the feeling of being rushed off to the next subject. I truly see this as the educational system of the future. A system where No Child will be Left Behind. If you have a similar online school in your state, leave me a comment because I am interested in anything that would improve the failing education system of this nation. Blogger's 1st Amendment Pledge If the FEC makes rules that limit my First Amendment right to express my opinion on core political issues, I will not obey those rules.


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