31 August 2005

Instapundit and the ACLU

Cross Posted From Stop The ACLU But I refuse to include the banners for either Instapundit or the ACLU.

Why give them links?

Update: Glenn sends his readers here telling them we are delinking because he said that "demonizing the ACLU is silly." We don't think it is silly at all. And Glenn is entitled to his opinion. We just no longer wish to link to someone that supports an anti-American organization. Here are a few reasons why they should be demonized.

They work with CAIR, an organization with known terrorist ties.

They advocate the legalization of child porn distribution and possession.

Oppose Tax Exemptions For All Churches, But Fight For It For Witches.

They try to erase our Christian Heritage. Former ACLU Lawyer, Reese Lloyd says it well, "The ACLU has become a fanatical anti-faith Taliban of American religious secularism."

Need more reasons? Take a look around the site.

Hat tip for info: Junkyard Blog

Several conservative blogs are calling for all right-oriented blogs to delink Instapundit, one of the most high-profile blogs on the internet, in light of this post. Owner Glenn Reynolds called outspoken disagreement and "demonization"of the ACLU "a bit silly". He goes on:

I do feel that they've become overly partisan in recent years, but they still do good work (I've worked with them in the past, on the New Orleans rave case for example, and will probably do so again.)

Euphoric Reality notes:

Is Glenn making nice-nice for the sake of popularity? I know he's got to be more intelligent than to actually think the ACLU is good for anything, or that their goals have anything to do with what conservatives believe in. How can any conservative worth his or her salt see the ACLU as anything besides what it is - a lions' den of leftist thought that makes it a point to attack anything good and true and right. They are anti-American, anti-truth, anti-good. They are, quite literally, an evil organization. They support child molesters, approve of the "homosexualization" of the United States, and fight for everything sane people with morals are against. They support CAIR, the American version of al Qaeda. (If that's not enough to tell you there's a problem here, then you need to read this blog more.) In almost any court case that makes conservatives want to bang their heads against a wall, chances are good that the ACLU was involved.

Perhaps even more disturbing is this post. A reader emailed Reynolds to say basically "You just lost another reader because of your remarks." Reynolds' reply?

That's okay - there are plenty of blogs out there, and this guy would clearly be happier somewhere else.

Yes, perhaps that reader would be happier here at my blog. I sorta found that statement by Glenn a little on the high and mighty side.

Cao's Blog notes:

That is just plain "politically correct". The only people Glenn is making points with on that one is lawyers and leftists. Glenn is ignoring the plethera of information out there which indicates that the ACLU's goals and achievements have been all about the destruction of American values, under the deceitful auspices of supporting the Constitution.

Basil's Blog is providing a way that you can reference these statements by Glenn without providing a link to him.

Of course I have to delink him. I'm anti-ACLU, and I must stand by principle.

If you agree, and delink Glenn let us know and we will add you to the list. If you have never linked to Glenn for whatever reason, we will add you to the list as well. If you have a post about this, send us a trackback and it will appear as a link below. If it gets big enough I'll start a blogroll.

So far:

The "I'm Not Linked To Glenn Reynolds List"

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