05 August 2005

Judge Roberts Continues To Show Signs Of Best Choice

Some on my side of the political spectrum may disagree with me due to recent revelations that Judge Roberts took and successfully argued a gay rights issue pro bono in 1991. But I look at it this way, it proves that he's a good lawyer who puts the law above his personal beliefs.
The only real issue involved in his selection is will he uphold the law? I think that he would. Now, requests for documentation relating to the adoption of his children has been requested. In my opinion this is an invasion of not only his privacy, but his children's, their birth parents, the adoption agency, and a violation of privilege protected by the Constitution. The facts are in folks, Judge Roberts looks as though he is a fair strict interpreter of the Constitution and the law. And I can not think of anyone who would be better than he to combat judicial activism. I can think of no one that would be a better applier of the law then he who can argue a case in opposition to his personal beliefs. If the law is best served by the argument should be the only question. His appointment will require him to judge the application of the law as it relates to other lawyers' arguments. And as someone who has argued cases 36 times before the very body that he is nominated to sit on shows that he has the experience to do so. The best service to the American people, the Constitution, and the law should be the Senate's only question. And I see nothing in Judge Roberts' background which has been so far reveled which would compromise his dedication to that service. So can we get on with it?
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