30 August 2005

Kerry's 180 on SF-180 BlogBurst 8/30/05

It was 211 days ago today that John F. Kerry (D - MA) promised on National TV that he would sign his SF-180 and release his military records to the public. JFK II allowed himself to be goaded into this promise by veteran news anchor Tim Russert. The date was January 30th. What happened since January 30, 2005? Iraq held its first free elections, installed the elected government, established the Constitutional Committee, and agreed upon the draft of the Constitution. We've had the most active hurricane season on history. With the 4th largest storm to hit the Atlantic Basin in recorded weather history. London was bombed by terrorists. The Space Shuttle Discovery returned Americans to space after a 2 year layoff due to the Columbia tragedy. NASA had Discovery make history by performing unprecedented maneuvers to inspect the orbiter's heat shield. Astronaut Steve Robinson performed a never tried before space walk to make what turned out to be a minor repair captured live on television. Terri Schiavo was put to death by her husband, his attorney, and Judge George Greer amidst national controversy. And several high profile kidnappings and murders of young children. But yet John Kerry continues to stone wall. He took from January 30th to June 21st to comply with his promise to sign the forms. But he did so knowing that he failed to sign part III of the form which would release his unedited version of his military records. After signing the forms, he sat on them for over a month. When the records were finally released, the information was the same as what his campaign released during the Presidential race. A watered down incomplete version which he only released to 3 newspapers. He didn't even have the courtesy to release them to Tim Russert. Here is what we suggest to Senator Kerry. If you plan on running for re-election, President, or Dog Catcher, release all of your records. Sign SF-180 including Part III and release your records. And not to 3 specially selected newspapers. How about releasing them to all the broadcast news services (cable and network) and the AP. This way all of the newspapers and broadcast news services can show what kind of a traitor you really are. Our other suggestion? Resign and leave. Perhaps France will have you. You and your pal Hanoi Jane have done enough damage to this beautiful and courageous nation. It's time to cut bait.
This has been a production of the Kerry 180 BlogBurst. Each Tuesday the BlogBurst points out the refusal of John Kerry to comply with a promise to the American people.
It is amazing that JFK II was able to take that many blue areas. In case you are wondering, this is a red/blue breakdown of the 2004 election by county. There is an awful lot of red on there.
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