23 August 2005

Kerry's 180 on SF-180 BlogBurst

John Kerry Form 180 And Demands of Roberts
The absentee Senator John F. Kerry (M - MA that's M for Moron) and former Presidential candidate, told Tim Russert on January 30th that he would sign SF-180 and release his military records to the public. It took him from January 30th until June 21st to sign the form. He then sat on the signed forms for over a month before mailing them. I have a theory about the time problems that the "Senator" had. It wasn't that he couldn't find a pen. It wasn't that he had amnesia and couldn't remember the vital statistics about himself to fill out the form. It was an out-right stall tactic. And he stalled long enough to figure out how to not release the information that the American people have demanded. And in a further act of defiance, he sat on the forms without mailing them. Could he not find the $.38 in the cushions of his sofa to mail them in? Nope, more stalling. When the information was released, it was the same bull that his campaign released. The watered down and edited version. Why, because he didn't sign Part III of the form. And then he only released them to 3 newspapers. Now this is the same individual who is on the full disclosure bandwagon for the President's Supreme Court Nominee Judge John Roberts. Isn't that a laugh? Mr. Evasiveness demanding full disclosure of someone who has nothing to hide. Demanding privileged communications, internal memos, and litigation strategy which would violate the Attorney/Client privilege. Some say that Roberts isn't entitled to privilege because his client wasn't the President, but rather the American people. That being the case, wouldn't he need a signed waver from his client? Wouldn't he need to have a signed waver from all his clients? That is roughly 285,000,000 American citizens. And if one refuses, no information can be released. Well, I refuse to sign a waver. So Kerry, Kennedy, Schumer, and all the other flaming lefties on Capital hill can all now go and pound salt. But the Senator on the other hand. That is another question. He told the American people that he would release his military records by signing SF-180 and he didn't fully comply with that promise. It is time Senator. It has been 205 days since you told Mr. Russert that fabrication. Make good. Or your next election may be a problem for you. Just think of the irony. Since January 30th, the day of Iraq's 1st national elections, Iraq has installed a legislature, a government, and drafted a Constitution. What has John Kerry done? Singed papers for incomplete paperwork to be released to selected members of the press. Mr. Kerry, unless you want this to be your last term, you may want to consider signing those forms again. All of them. And release them to all the broadcast news organizations and the AP. This way, the work of fiction that you pass off as your life will be well known.
Your other option? Resign from the Senate and move to France. Perhaps Johnny Depp will have you as a house guest. But I wouldn't lie to him, you may lose your room.
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