13 August 2005

Mr Ellis Writes Letter for bin Laden

The wisdom of my mentor Mr. Lee Ellis is beyond measure. This man has made a career out of the broadcast and print journalism industry. His Conservative stance in this industry with its obvious leftist lean is unmatched. It is difficult to believe that he actually ran CBS at one time. You know, CBS, the home of Dan Rather. Mr. Ellis has written a letter from the point of view of Osama bin Laden.

A Letter from Osama bin Laden to all Sleeper Cells Written by Lee Ellis Saturday, August 13, 2005
As imagined by Lee Ellis and translated into English: To all al Qaeda agents (both field and USA sleeper cells): I especially want all agents who have successfully infiltrated USA colleges, public organizations, local neighborhoods, and American political groups to follow my instructions in this message. There is no way that we at al Qaeda can fight America's tremendous military power and hope to win. These infidels, under George W. Bush, have amassed more financial means to fight us than any other country. Therefore, we must spend our limited financial resources on political and terrorist strikes. Thanks to our friends in Iran and Syria, we can continue our terrorist strikes to drive these American devils out of the Middle East so we can, once again, have Iraq under our thumb. We can easily create another "Saddam" to control the locals. Bush and his political friends are afraid to strike either Iran or Syria, even as a warning. At least, Clinton would send an occasional Cruise Missile to look as if he was doing something. Americans are weak and easily fooled. During the Vietnam War, when our friends, the Viet Cong, thought that they had lost the battle in their Tet offensive, they were about to surrender. Then, they heard the American newsman, Walter Cronkite, announce on the CBS news that the USA had lost in this offensive, and they were amazed. Our friends simply decided to continue to fight, to hang in there, knowing that the American voters would become easily depressed and demand that their leaders bring home their troops and stop fighting. It worked; the Americans gave up. It was here that I, your mighty Osama bin Laden, learned how Americans could be manipulated to give up. Their leaders make decisions not for that which will benefit the greatness of their country but rather by voter polls that may determine who will be in power in any upcoming election. We have enough appeasers now in political office to help us. Our public relations campaign for "political correctness" has worked well. We have these American puppets afraid of offending anyone. Our prolonging the war in Iraq by attacking both the Iraqi citizens and the American troops via terrorist bombs and booby traps is working. The Iraqis are fearful, as they watch the American protestors strut and shout on American and al-Jazeera TV, that the American weaklings will leave them to suffer by getting their poll-watching politicos to withdraw all troops! We, at al Qaeda, can hasten this by causing more trouble in America. Our front organizations on the Internet and with members buried in some of the leading American media are doing a good job in stirring up dissent amongst the voters. I urge you to get more Americans, especially mothers of dead or wounded soldiers to demand to see the president and to plead with television audiences to stop this "unnecessary" war. One mother's weeping face on American television can do more than twenty suicide bombers to drive the infidels from the Middle East! Even though we have Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Brit Hume against us, we still have the power of the vast media giants, including the New York or LA Times and its columnists, the network newscasts and their Sunday News shows all apologizing for us or presenting our victories or political views. How can we lose? About the Writer: Lee Ellis is a retired journalist and a former vice president of both CBS and Gannett. He resides in Indio, California, where he writes op-eds that appear in several local newspapers. Lee receives e-mail at indiolee@dc.rr.com.

Mr. Ellis has surely hit the bullseye with this satire of a letter. He has illistrated the exact points that those of us on the right have been touting since the beginning of the war. The illistration of the political means justifying the terrible ending to our involvement in Vietnam and the recent political fiasco going on in Crawford is simply brilliant. This particular illistration points out the ignorance of Cindy Sheenan and her anti-war puppetmasters was intentional. I have been stating for days that this woman puts dishonor upon the sacrafice of her own son. A brave man who gave his life to secure the interests of America and freedom for Iraqis. I only hope that one day, I, the one and only real Gribbit, will become as wise and articulate as my mentor. Special Thanks goes out to Outside The Beltway and Mudville Gazette Blogger's 1st Amendment Pledge If the FEC makes rules that limit my First Amendment right to express my opinion on core political issues, I will not obey those rules.


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