22 August 2005

New Communication from Congressman Stephen C. LaTourette (R-OH 14th)

I just received this from my Congressman. Admittedly I do bother the heck out of him.
Thank you for your fax urging support for H.R. 3622. I appreciate hearing form you. As you know, this bill would create a Citizen Protection Corp to assist U.S. Border Patrol and state law enforcement officials in preventing people from entering the United States without authorization. As such, these citizens would function like a neighborhood watch group. Since introduction, the measure has been referred to both the House Homeland Security and Armed Services Committees for consideration. I think we can all agree that we want to ensure that highly trained law enforcement personnel are providing for the security of our borders. As you may know, I supported an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill permitting the Secretary of Defense to use troops to secure our border. I also supported providing $635 million in budgetary resources for increased border security and enforcement, including $176.2 million to hire, train, equip, and support an additional 500 Border Patrol Agents so that we can better keep illegal immigrants out. As always, I appreciate hearing from you, and I am happy to keep your support in mind as H.R. 3622 moves through the legislative process. Should you have further questions about this or any other federal issue, please do not hesitate to contact me again. I remain
Very truly yours, Stephen C. LaTourette, Member of Congress
I don't think he quite answered me. Sounds like the Capital Hill shuffle. What do you think? I would also like to know, why are so many people opposed to a large scale "neighborhood watch" to protect the sovereignty of our nation? There are countries where there are armed military personnel on the borders and check points along the roads checking identification as you move throughout the country. All we are asking is for the blessing of our elected officials, in a bill, to keep our eyes open for violations of our border security and the ability for us to contact directly the Border Patrol when violations occur. The last thing that I or any of those who support H.R. 3622 want are civilians detaining and turning back illegal border crossers. But, if a highly visible Citizens Protection Corp (like the Minuteman Project) can be a deterrent for those who wish to enter illegally, all the better.
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