22 August 2005

Press Relese From Stop The ACLU Coalition Dir. Nedd Kareiva


The Stop the ACLU Coalition has just launched an unprecedented effort across the country to build this grassroots organization. We are mobilizing our supporters to counter the ACLU's recruitment efforts by mass mailings to churches across America. The great thing about it is YOU have a role to play in it. And here's how. Many of you know that we are looking for state and county Stop the ACLU coordinators to build state coalitions. However, some people do not have sufficient time to devote to doing so but want to help on a smaller scale. This is your opportunity to do so.

You may or may not know that the ACLU visits college campuses across America to recruit young impressionable minds to their evil agenda. While our future goal is to counter that by bringing Stop the ACLU volunteers and staff aboard these schools, our immediate goal is to recruit where we the ACLU will largely not go due to their agenda. And that is in our houses of worship.

I am looking for individuals to mail a form letter I have created to thousands of churches all across the country to invite them, their leaders, members and parishioners to visit the web site and catch a vision of what we are doing. There is no asking of money in the letter, just to go to the site and educate themselves. All you have to do is copy and print the letter we send you on your printer or from a print shop, address envelopes, affix postage and mail them. That's it. No cold calling and no follow up. That is my job. And I will provide you a web link where you can locate these churches (outside of a phone book).

Many churches across the country have been silent on moral issues that have the potential to affect them. But with recent lobbying efforts by the ACLU (thus far unsuccessful) in states like Illinois and Oregon to prevent churches from denying employment to homosexuals, transsexuals and cross dressers, this issue is now at their doorstep. The timing to get them involved is now. This is certainly not the only issue churches must deal with in our culture but it is one of concern since it involves the state and the ACLU dictating church policy. The ACLU cannot force churches to support abortion or pornography but they can thru litigation and legislation hire or prevent from firing certain individuals thru sexual orientation laws.

We already have approximately 25 people thus far who have committed to send 20-50 letters a month. I would like to expand that to 100 by September. Would you be interested? I will send you the exact instructions as to what to do. It's not hard and doesn't take much of your time. There is no limit to how few or many letters you can send, however, we would like to see each volunteer do at least 20 a month. We cannot reimburse you at this time but we will do so as funds become available. Sending 20-50 letters should cost between $10 and $25 monthly. If you can swing it, want to help this cause and if you agree with our mission statement as outlined in the ABOUT page, or if you have any questions, please contact me today!

You do not have to be overly religious to help in this effort. While this site caters to large segments of the religious community, this is not an inherently religious web site. We are here to resist and counter the ACLU's agenda, whether it be on the moral front or national security, illegal immigration or anything else. We are united on any issue whereby the ACLU serves to undermine America's values.

100 people monthly sending 50 letters = 5000 churches a month. Assuming 10% of them view the web site and see the need to be a part of the coalition, that's 500 churches. And with referrals inside and outside the congregations, the numbers of people who may come on board are potentionally staggering.

The ACLU claims 400,000 members. Our goal - 1 million Stop the ACLU members. Will you help us achieve our goal? With your help, we can build massive public awareness of the ACLU's agenda and put the fear of God in them. Let's do it today!

Gribbit's Word is a proud affiliate of the Stop The ACLU Coalition. To join in our effort, contact Nedd. To become a member of the Stop The ACLU BlogBurst, contact me by registering at our weblog community called Protest The ACLU. I will then follow up your registration with a request for additional information. The Stop The ACLU Coalition is the parent organization for the Stop The ACLU blog, the Stop The ACLU BlogBurst, Gribbit's Word, Conservative Angst, and many other blogs which appear on our blogroll. If you are tired of your rights being stipped away, join us. Your input and voice can make a difference. Gribbit
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