23 August 2005

Profiling And The False Fear Of Racism

A guy walks into a bank and holds it up. He's gone in 90 seconds, too quickly for the police to catch him exiting the bank. Several witnesses describe in consistent detail the appearance, manner, and quality of speech of the perpetrator. They ALL describe him as being 6'2", 200 lbs., brown hair & eyes, Caucasian, medium complexion, speaking with a clear Midwestern accent. Now, should the police be stopping Sunh Chunh Park, a naturalized American born in the Republic of Korea for questioning in this crime? No that would be ignorant. Should they stop Hans Gruber, a 6' 4" blond haired, blue eyed, tourist from Germany? Again that would be a waste of police resources. The same for Ahkeem al- Middle Eastern with a heavy Arabic accent, or Paddy O'Donnell the red headed immigrant from Dublin. But if I'm walking down the street, all 6' 1" 230 lbs of me with my brown hair & blue eyes, medium build but slightly fair complexion, and natural born resident of the state of Ohio since birth, I would expect to be questioned even though I was no where near the bank, slightly heavier than the perp, and have the wrong color eyes. Because witnesses in times of stress have been known to be slightly off in their detailed description. That being said, the perpetrators who have the destruction of America on their minds all have the same physical characteristics. Middle eastern or converted Muslims, act in a specific manner, very controlled, detailed, and focused. They tend to appear to be under stress. They tend to sweat in situations where others may be cold. They tend to wear seasonally inappropriate clothing for warmer months, carry baggage with them or oversized clothing. So why shouldn't we be looking for these people? We can't because that is considered racial profiling. To that idea I say phooie. Security of the people of this nation is the top priority. If a few innocents get their tail feathers ruffled, so be it. Now I'm not saying to rough up everyone of middle eastern decent, or who wears a turban. If they are wearing seasonably appropriate clothing, appear relaxed, tend to interact with others in their presence, there is no need to bother them. The following thread was linked in my Google alerts today and comes to us from the good folks at the south Florida news giant the Sun-Sentinel.
ACLU must wake up on profiling
Jim Black Fort Lauderdale Posted August 21 2005
It's time for the American Civil Liberties Union to get real. They oppose singling out young to middle-aged Muslims for random bomb searches because that would be "racial profiling." Who do they suggest should be searched? If cancer invades the body, you don't look for a flu virus. If the majority of terrorists are young Muslims, then it is only reasonable that they bear the brunt of searches. If that is offensive to peace-loving Muslims, they must understand that it is for their benefit, too. But anyone should be fair game for inspection if they carry equipment that is capable of concealing bombs or explosives. This is no time for personal rights and prideful resentment to be elevated above personal responsibility and public welfare. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. If I had a backpack and was asked to be searched, I would welcome it. And I would thank the one who searched me for helping to make my country safer. It may take another radical Islamic terrorist's bomb at the U.N., Rockefeller Center, or Grand Central Station to wake up the ACLU. I hope not.
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This guy nailed it on the head. The ACLU opposes random searches, they oppose targeted searches. What they want U.S. law enforcement to do is to react instead of prevent. Which is wrong. In my town, we don't have a Duncan Donuts, but we do have several mega gas stations with the 24/7 full service convenience stores in them. Submarine sandwiches made to order, coffee fresh and piping hot, fresh baked goods, fountain soft drinks, smokes, candy, you get the picture. Our cops hang out there in the wee hours of the am when no one is stirring. You know, kind of like they do at Duncan Donuts and Krispy Kreme in larger cities. These convenience stores are the most secure locations in my town. You'd have to be really stupid to try and rob one of these places. An ounce of prevention, they say, is worth a pound of cure. Which is more beneficial, the Convenience store catering to the police officers who stop in for a quick cup of Joe or having 50 respond to a robbery because they never stop by? If it were my store, the cops would all qualify for a law enforcement discount just to have them around. Profiling is the same thing. You prevent attacks by making it more difficult. You create a situation where the possibilities of the bombers being discovered before they carry out their deadly assignment. But in my book, that is just common sense. Something which nobody has ever accused the ACLU of being guilty.
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