26 August 2005

Senator Robert Byrd and Gribbit Actually Agree!!!

Shocked? I am. The Senior Senator (in the entire Senate actually) from WV has a bill ready to go to the floor designating September 17 as National Constitution day. That day actually already exists. But under Senator Byrd's bill, it would "suggest" that teachers use the day to familiarize the children of this nation about the founding document of our republic. Personally, I'd like to see it be a week at minimum and it should be required. Why? If you don't know what your rights are, how can you be sure if anyone is violating them? We are living in an age where anyone will take anyone else to court over the slightest inconvenience. Civil rights cases are out of control led by the evil ACLU. If you aren't sure if you have had a violation of your civil guarantees, then how can you authorize an attorney to fight for you? How can you have someone representing you if you don't actually understand the position they are taking on your behalf? Perhaps you should be sure that the position your attorney is taking represents your actual belief. But you cannot do that if you are not familiar with those rights. The Constitution is the United States of America. The Constitution defines us as a nation. This document, aged from time and stained with the blood of our young men who have dedicated themselves to its defense, is the most emulated document in the world. The freedoms that it guarantees are the very freedoms people will risk life and limb crossing oceans and deserts to live under. The Constitution gives the branches of government their power and responsibilities. And empowers the people to be the guardians of our way of life. This nation is unique. For over 200 years we have been peacefully deciding our own leadership every 4 years. A non-violent process of civility and responsibility. And children should know this. They should understand this. And so should their parents. There are too many in this country that cannot even quote the preamble to the Constitution. And that is a sad state of being for our educational system.
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