19 August 2005

Two US War Ships Attacked While In Jordanian Port

Hat Tip: FoxNews Channel "Fox And Friends"
Two US Marine Amphibious Ships were fired upon while docked in a Jordanian port on the Red Sea. Conflicting reports have as many as 3 Soviet made missiles or mortars being launched at The USS Kearsarge and the USS Ashland from an impoverished Jordanian neighborhood. The Ashland and the Kearsarge were in the Jordanian port of Aqaba awaiting participation in war games with Jordanian forces, when at least one of the missiles or mortars sailed over the bow of the Ashland. US Navy Lt. Cmdr Charlie Brown stated that the Ashland and Kearsarge immediately got under way and headed out to sea. The round that narrowly missed the Ashland did strike a warehouse used by the US Navy killing one Jordanian soldier and injuring another.
"At approximately 8:44 a.m. local time, a suspected mortar rocket flew over the USS Ashland's bow and impacted in a warehouse on the pier in the vicinity of the Ashland and USS Kearsage," Brown said. "The warehouse sustained an approximate 8-foot hole in the roof of the building."
Brown also stated that no Sailors or Marines were injured in the attack. A second round impacted in an airport in the Israeli port city of Eilat which is approximately 10 miles from Aqaba. Both cities are near the Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. The Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheik was the site of a terrorist suicide bombing on July 23rd.
Israeli police and witnesses said a Katyusha rocket fired from Jordan slammed into a taxi traveling near the airport in Israel's nearby Red Sea resort of Eilat, but did not explode. "I heard a noise, the car shook, and I kept driving for two more meters (yards)," said Israeli cab driver Meir Farhan, 40, who suffered mild wounds. "I didn't realize what it was. When I went out of the car I saw a hole in the ground on the asphalt."
Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, speaking in southern Israel, said the attacks were "intended to hit the Israeli side and the Jordanian side as well." "We still don't know who is behind this act but I'm sure the Jordanians will do all they can to prevent such attacks in the future as in the past," Mofaz said, adding Israeli authorities are in contact with Jordanians over the incidents.
These attacks take place in the shadow of the disengagement of the Gaza Strip this week. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have dedicated themselves to not interfere with the Israeli Army's efforts to force evacuation of those "settlers" who have refused to comply with the order to evacuate Gaza. Jordan has been the home to displaced Palestinians since the 1968 war when Israel occupied the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Details are still coming in as of this writing. I will update as more information comes in.
The ordinance has been identified as Katyusha Mortar Rockets. According to Former US Ambassador Marc Ginsburg, a FoxNews Contributor and expert on the middle east, the only place to get Katyusha Rockets is from Iran, Hezbollah (who gets them from Iran), or Syria.
****Update #2:
It seems that the individuals who perpetrated this act are Iraqi and Egyptian and rented a warehouse where they fired the rockets from. Authorities in Jordan are looking for 4 individuals and a vehicle with Kuwaiti license plates. al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack. (Big Shock)
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