01 August 2005

Victory In New York

Governor George Pataki of New York, will veto the controversial legislation that would allow Pharmacists to dispense "the morning after pill" without a prescription. The announcement was released by an aide to the Republican Governor who has aspirations of running for President in 2008.
"This bill, which hasn't even been sent to the governor yet, is a flawed, politically expedient measure that fails to include any common-sense protections for minors and ignores the fact that the FDA will rule on this issue in just a few weeks," said Pataki spokesman Kevin Quinn. "Consistent with his record on women's reproductive issues, the governor plans to veto the legislation primarily because it provides no protection whatsoever for minors," Quinn added. "If this and other flaws in the bill are addressed, and a responsible version of the bill is advanced, the governor would support it."
The pro-choice lobby in New York feared that Gov. Pataki would appeal to the pro-life conservative base of the GOP for support in his bid for the 2008 GOP nomination.
"It's unfortunate that as he looks to run for president he would toss away his principled legacy for sheer political expediency," said Kelli Conlin, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice New York, after being told of the governor's veto plans. "It's obviously a flip-flop on his part."
And ran commercials targeting the Governor as appealing to the GOP base.
The 30-second television spots, featuring the presidential "Hail to the Chief" anthem as background music, opens with a female narrator saying "New York's Gov. George Pataki is thinking of running for president. Some believe he must appeal to right-wing conservatives to win the primary." "As governor, he has always supported reproductive choice," the narrator continues. "So, as he considers the Oval Office, he may want to consider something else: Americans value principles over politics. Do the right thing, governor. America is watching."
Yes Governor, America is watching. Take a look at the 2004 Presidential election map by county. Measure the amount of red area on that map and compare it to the blue. The vast majority of America is not in favor of this legislation or anything advancing the availability of legalized murder of children.
This measure is going to be put before all 50 Governors and some are going to sign it. Just last week, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney vetoed a similar measure. But what happens when some Governors sign it? What is to prevent an Ohio Resident from going to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Kentucky should one or all of those 3 states approve the measure? Nothing. They should change the name of that drug to "the Oops Pill". Because what it does is allow a woman who has made an "oops" to correct it by taking a pill. Make an error, take a pill and it goes away. What a message to send to children. "The Oops Pill," is France's contribution to American birth control. I remember when it was being debated whether or not to approve what was called then "RU-486". And America's children was dealt a harsh blow when the FDA approved the morning after pill available by prescription only. So not only are we allowing our people to kill their unborn children, we are using tools from a Socialist nation to do it. Socialism is Communism Light. And there is a Communist nation which has forced abortion for families which already have a child. China only allows their people to have 1 child. Often, if a female child is detected during the pregnancy, it is aborted in favor of the future possibility of having a male child. If a female child is born, often it is put up for foreign adoption so that the couple can try to have a male child. And if a couple already has a child, the second pregnancy is automatically terminated upon detection. Is this what this nation wants? Liberals all tout the option of abortion as a freedom of choice. Ask a Chinese couple if they have a choice. Not only are we allowing ourselves to travel down the slippery slope of abortion used by Communist nations to control population, we are importing the tools to do so from their satellites. The FDA needs to understand that they have already made one mistake by allowing this drug to be used in the United States. They cannot allow the compounding this wrong by removing the prescription requirements from the regulation. I actually do understand an emergency need for this pill. But it should be limited to prescription for used only by victims of rape and incest. But this drug should not be as widely available as it is now, let alone without prescription.
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