22 August 2005

WAAAA You Should Have Kept It Locked Up

There isn't a sex offender alive that I can sympathize with. Not one. These are the lowest forms of life on the planet. There are single celled organisms that I consider higher life-forms compared the sex offenders. Why? Because they prey on children. There is a cry baby who had sex with a 16 year old girl while he was a high school teacher. This pansy committed a crime. Served in prison for it and was also sentenced to be registered as a sex offender upon his release. Now this scum has been free for the past 3 years. And his family is growing too big for his home and he needs to look for a new one. Problem is, where? Available housing outside of sex offender-free zones is vastly being reduced. He should have thought about that before he let the monster out of the barn shouldn't he?
FoxNews.com reports:
MIDDLE TOWNSHIP, N.J. - Sex offender Steven Elwell thought he had paid his debt to society. He lost his job as a teacher and served a year in prison for having sex with a 16-year-old female student. Now, after three years on the outside, Elwell wants to move his wife and two children into a bigger home. They must find a house, though, that's not encompassed by sex offender-free zones being established by communities across New Jersey. At least four towns ban sex offenders from living near schools, parks and playgrounds and others are considering similar restrictions. At least 14 states have such laws. "We're outgrowing our house fairly quick," said Elwell, 34. "If we have to move, we'll have to find a map, get a plot of land and figure out where (the pedophile-free zone) doesn't reach." Elwell, who now makes his living owning a pizzeria, doesn't expect sympathy. But he argues the ordinances are too broad, providing a false sense of security at the expense of ex-cons already kept on a tight leash by Megan's Law, the pioneering New Jersey sex offender registry law. A growing number of critics agree with him. Restricting where sex offenders can live is misdirected and may be unconstitutional, say civil liberties advocates, defense attorneys and experts in the field. "These laws have absolutely nothing to do with the protection of children and everything to do with scare tactics, cheap political points and an anti-intellectualism that is driving public policy today," said John S. Furlong, a defense attorney who brought the first court challenge to Megan's Law Megan's Law was enacted in response to the 1994 slaying of 7-year-old Megan Kanka by a sex offender who lived across the street from her. The law prompted dozens of other states to pass similar laws, requiring released sex offenders to register with police and for residents of the neighborhood to be notified. High profile cases such as the slaying of 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford in Florida, allegedly by a sex offender who lived near her home, have prompted lawmakers nationwide to begin establishing "buffer zones" around places where children congregate. Concerns about the constitutionality of the bans have not stopped the passage of the laws, in part because of political pressure. "It's pretty tough, if someone introduces an ordinance like this, to vote no," said Joseph Scarpelli, mayor of Brick, which adopted its ordinance Aug. 1. The ordinance added bus stops to the list of locations off limits to offenders and included a 2,500-foot buffer zone. With more than 2,000 school bus stops in the town, the measure effectively bars sex offenders from living anywhere in Brick. State Attorney General Peter Harvey has said he expects court challenges to the ordinances, although none has been filed. For now, Elwell is working at his pizzeria, attending support group meetings for sex offenders and answering to his state-appointed community supervision officer. Elwell said he plans to file a civil suit challenging the constitutionality of one or more of the laws targeting sex offenders, which he says unfairly lump all sex offenders together. "I see this as adult peer pressure," he said. "Like high school kids drinking alcohol, all these towns are seeing what other towns are doing and doing it."
This guy should count his lucky stars that he is being permitted to live in the same home with his own children. Although he is not classified as a pedophile because his victim was 16 years old, he still violated a young girl. And whether she consented or not, she was a minor and incapable of making a decision such as this under the law. He further compounded his crime by violating the public trust. A trust that the young girls of the communty would be safe in his care. He should also consider himself lucky that he is able to own a business that draws children for customers. He owns a pizzeria. Pizza and children go together like cookies and milk. If I were the District Attorney in that town, I would take steps to ensure that every cop on duty took his lunch at that pizzeria or parked in front of it. He has shown that he is incapable of holding his urge around children. He therefore has no right to be anywhere near them. That means schools, playgrounds, and parks. So forgive me if I don't cry for this scumbag. End of rant.
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