03 August 2005

Watch The Dems Claim Headway For 2006

In the 2nd Congressional District of Ohio yesterday, a special election was held to fill the vacant seat created when President Bush appointed former Congressman Rob Portman to the position of US Trade Representative. Jean Schmidt received 52% of the popular vote compared to Paul Hackett's 48%. Schmidt, a former member of Ohio's State House of Representatives, cited her experience and knowledge of the district. Hackett, was relying on his war record and criticism of President Bush to carry him through the election. Democratic leaders were hoping that a strong showing would give the nation an indicator that the 2006 midterms will likely go their way since this has been such a heavily Republican controlled area of the state. Portman was re-elected to his seat with over 70% of the popular vote and the Democrats were relying on the strong showing to prove that even those who are strong Republicans are showing a change in political direction. When the truth is, Schmidt and Portman are two different people. Portman represented the 2nd District for 12 years. Ohioans tend to respect experience. The reason why Hackett garnered 48% of the vote has nothing to do with his politics. The people bought into his war record. And the reason why he lost this election was because he lacks experience. Hackett is an attorney that to this point has never held public office. He comes home from the war, gets out of the Marines Corps Reserve and decides that he intends on being the first member of Congress elected who served in the current war. Fat chance junior. His heavy anti-Bush rhetoric may have played to some of the more liberal voters in the greater Cincinnati area, but the 2nd district is heavily rural. Rural voters tend to be overwhelmingly conservative. Attacking conservative policies will tend to hurt you with swing voters in rural America. And Hackett just didn't get the job done of selling liberal thought to rural Ohio. Schmidt on the other hand used her experience to win the election. Her experiences include, 4 years in Ohio House of Representatives from the 66th District, 11 years as Miami Township Trustee, and 31 years as member of Clermont County Republican Central Committe. Experience wins the race. Democratic leaders will attempt to use this as an indicator that the nation isn't buying the conservative agenda. When in fact the opposite is true. America sees the obstructionism taking place in Congress and will take actions to correct the stoppage of progress. The playing of politics is starting to damage the Democrats. Their chairman is speaking without thinking and spewing rhetoric with no basis in truth. They are so desperate for support, he even asked college students to donate. Collage students don't have any money. Their leading candidate for the next Presidential race is often times seen as more conservative on some issues than even our conservative President. It is showing that the Democrats who want to hold their seats are staying away from the liberal policies of the leadership. They are distancing themselves from the Chairman. And that is the trend. The DNC Chairman will single handedly be the reason why Republicans will in all likelihood gain seats in 2006
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Anonymous Pat said...

Great evaluation of the Ohio race, but new info came to life today about the Hackett campaign. Although its true that to all his Liberal followers he claimed that the war in Iraq was a mistake and that President Bush was terrible and wrong, but on TV he approved a commercial that has all the appearance of a proud, tough Marine who supports the war and President Bush. You cannot believe the commercial! View at rushlimbaugh.com and see if this man ran an honest

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