27 September 2005

An Eye On The Vote

It is obvious to me that all those who vote in opposition to Judge John G. Roberts in his nomination to become the next Chief Justice of the United States are doing so for 2 reasons. Reason #1 is flaming liberalism. They can't win their agenda through the normal democratic means, so they prostitute the judicial system by taking advantage of liberally activist judges. Reason #2 is plain politics. They have a minority in the House. They have a minority in the Senate. And they have not been in the White House for the last 5 years and won't have it in the near future. Remember the last 2 term Republican President was followed by another Republican. The Democratic Party's failures have sparked their rhetoric to placing the blame for everything from the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby to the development of killer hurricanes on Karl Rove, President Bush, and the Republican Party. And it will be this non-sense rhetoric which will keep the Congress in Conservative hands as well as the White House. And they know it. The only place where they can stone wall is in the confirmation process of the federal judiciary. They have shown their hand by opposing all judges nominated by the President. Senators like Kennedy, Schumer, Turbin (errr I mean Durbin), Feinstein, Boxer, and Kerry are showing their red colored hearts with each opposition vote that they cast. Kerry, who still has aspirations of becoming President one day is the most hypocritical of all the Lefties on the hill. Appearing on the floor of the Senate to oppose the nomination of John Roberts citing the failure of the Administration to produce documents which are protected under privilege. But in contrast has opposed and stone walled the release of his own military records. The very records that he has publicly agreed to release. Records which only he has the authority to release. Documents that he has publicly stated that he would release. If Senator Kerry believes that his address will ever be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue he needs a psychological evaluation. Because if ANY of us on the right have anything to do about it, he will not only NOT ever be elected President, he will not ever be re-elected to the Senate. Those who claim to be looking out for your Civil Rights are snowing you. They have no interest in you Civil Rights. They only have interest in the level of their power. The common theme in the Democratic questioning in the Judiciary Committee hearings was does John Roberts believe in preserving Congressional authority and limiting Presidential authority. Democrats, who believe that their best chance at gaining more control is in the 2006 midterm elections by gaining seats in both houses. Gaining a majority in the Senate and a tighter grip on the House. But they fail to realize that with every no vote in the Roberts Confirmation, they shoot themselves in the foot. The American public has become aware of the sins of liberal thought. The fee wheeling Baby Boomers are retiring. The sons and daughters of the Baby Boom are sobering up from their liberal indoctrination's intoxication. The 30 somethings and some very intelligent 20 somethings are seeing truth as the truth. No longer are the youth being hoodwinked by the entertainment industry. No longer is the indocrination practices of the liberal teaching establishment being ignored. No longer does organized labor have a hold on the political climate in this nation. The power base of the Democratic party has shifted to the looney left. It is groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Organization of Woman, and Planned Parenthood which the liberal Senators are voting for. They are pandering to their special interests. Keep in mind, Driver of the Century, Senator Edward "The Lush" Kennedy is up for re-election as part of Senate Class I next year. Subverting this re-election should be top priority. However, I doubt anyone will be running against him. Here is the bottom line, a vote against Roberts is a vote against America.
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