08 September 2005

I Wonder Why They Are Being So Quiet?

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This information comes to us from KATC 3 TV, a 24 hour news channel in Louisiana.
Legislature backs Tangipahoa Parish School Board in prayer fight
BATON ROUGE, La. - The Legislature has gone on record supporting prayer at school board meetings, with final approval Friday of a resolution that sides with the Tangipahoa Parish School Board in a fight with the A-C-L-U. The resolution by Representative A-G Crowe, a Republican from Slidell, says prayer is protected and follows the principles on which the United States was founded. It says the Legislature disapproves of a federal judge's decision that prayers are unconstitutional at school board meetings. The Senate approved House Concurrent Resolution Number 39 unanimously without discussion, giving it final legislative passage as expressing the will of the Legislature. Copyright 2005 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. NOTE: In Accordance With Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, This Material Is Distributed Without Profit Or Payment To Those Who Have Expressed A Prior Interest In Receiving This Information For Non-Profit Research And Educational Purposes Only. Any restrictions the AP has written in the above Copyright statement are exempted under Title 17 as long as the person reprinting the information is not profiting from it. Gribbit makes no monies from this blog or this information. There is no online store for Gribbit's Word nor is there a donations appeal. I therefore reject the restrictions of the Copyright statement as unenforceable under Title 17 USC section 107 and distribute this information for the purposes stated without profit.
Begin Gribbit's Comments on this issue
I see this as a victory for religious freedom. The freedom of religion that is guarantee in the Constitution is being upheld for a change. This body should have the freedom to decide for themselves if an opening prayer is appropriate. No one is forcing religion upon anyone here. And if the School Board has made the decision to hold an opening prayer before meeting, so be it. If they should decide in the future to remove this practice, again, that is their decision to make. I do not agree with teacher led prayer though. I believe that there should be an enforced moment of silence or a student led prayer at the beginning of the school day. Same with sporting events. If a student, says the prayer, the state is not imposing religion on anyone. A student is asking for Divine protection of the athletes. And what is wrong with that? The ACLU's anti-religious freedom campaign is getting out of hand. We can have a separation of church and state without removing God from public life. We should be celebrating religious diversity not hindering it. This nation has the potential to be the most tolerant in the history of the world. But it is the Secular Humanists (which has been ruled a religion itself) and Atheists that have a need to remove religious icons from public view. Why? If they don't believe in their symbolism how could it offend them? After all a cross is just a cross to anyone who is not a Christian. It's a shape and a symbol of mortality since way before the birth of Christ. But yet, there are those who will sue for damages because of their offense at witnessing this shape. A shape that means nothing to them. It is a way for them to get paid for not working. It is a way for the ACLU to make money off the government. Prayer is the same thing. It is a tradition that Divine blessing be asked upon the commencement of any undertaking. This prayer is for those who believe. Asking God to help them make choices that will be beneficial for all involved. If you don't believe there is a God, allowing these people to say their piece isn't hurting you. After all, they are just words. Unless someone is threatening your personal safety, well being, financial security, or otherwise threatening you with actual injury of any kind unless you believe in something that you don't, how can you say that someone is attempting to force their belief system upon you? You can't. And this nation needs to put an end to this non-sense. Go after the funding. After all, that is the motivation behind all these challanges to our religious freedoms as guaranteed in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. I will wager any amount of money that the cases involving the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment will drop if HR 2676, the Public Exercise of Religion Act of 2005, passes and becomes law. Any takers?
Congressional Emergency
Urge passage of HR 2679, The Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005. What this bill does, is to remove the ability for the awarding of federal funds for the purpose of recovering legal fees involving Establishment Clause Challenges to the 1st Amendment. These suits are often taken pro bono. But once won, the attorneys are able to recover legal fees from the government. We need to get groups like the ACLU off the Taxpayers' Dime. Call, write, or email your Congressman and Senators and urge passage of this bill.
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