16 September 2005

Lawlessness, Free Immigration Policy, And Terrorism

The ACLU has been opposed to everything that this nation stands for since its founding in 1920. But in a Post September 11th world, can we afford to allow some of their free-for-all visions to come true? Special Order 40 - An LAPD policy which the Department does not consider an illegal alien a criminal based solely on their illegal presence on US soil. The Police are forbidden from arresting an individual for violations of this countries immigration policies nor are they permitted to contact Immigration Customs Enforcement.
Case Study:
Accidents will happen. But, as any insurance company will tell you, most accidents could have been prevented. That's what allows an accident to become a tragedy. Consider Michael Sprinkles. The 37-year-old paramedic was riding his motorcycle home from work on Sept. 6 when the California Highway Patrol says a car crossed the double-yellow line and killed him. Sprinkles' death could easily have been prevented. The driver of the car shouldn't have been behind the wheel -- or even in this country. Suspect Juan Bibinz is an illegal alien. This isn't Bibinz's first brush with the law. He's been arrested a dozen times. "He has been convicted of four felonies, drug charges, thefts and a count of willful cruelty to a child, for which he served five days in jail," the Los Angeles Daily News reported on Sept. 7. Oh, and he's been deported to Mexico -- once. How can an illegal alien be arrested again and again, yet sent home only once? Maybe because it's official L.A.P.D. policy that officers can't ask about a suspect's citizenship. "Special Order 40, enacted in 1979, bars police from enforcing federal immigration laws," is how the ACLU put it in a 2001 news release. And, it noted, "the Police Commission's own Independent Review Panel noted how critical the Order is to ensure public safety." Tell that to Michael Sprinkles. The ACLU claims that Special Order 40 is "essential." But a better word for it would be "illegal." The state's penal code reads, "Every law enforcement agency in California shall fully cooperate with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding any person who is arrested if he or she is suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws." Not much ambiguity there.
The ACLU refuses to see border control and enforcement of our immigration policies as a priority. Those of us who are appalled at this "pay no attention idiocy", know what that kind of thinking opens. An avenue for foreign terrorists to enter our country to do harm to our citizens. In April, when the Minuteman Project set up shop on our Southern border for 30 days and operated what has become known as a large scale neighborhood watch, the ACLU felt the need to send "Legal Observers" to protect the rights of the illegal "border crossers". "Legal Observers" which were observed and photographed violating laws themselves. On the ACLU's own website, I found this little tid-bit involving the ACLU's praise of Special Order 40. A letter sent to Senators Clinton and Schumer of New York involving their opposition to the expansion of the Patriot Act.
"Foreign intelligence information can also include information about a non-citizen's immigration status. To encourage non-citizens to report crime without fear of immigration consequences, many cities and localities have adopted ordinances that prohibit police agencies from conducting investigations based on a person's immigration status. For example, Los Angeles' Special Order 40 provided that "undocumented alien status is not a matter for police action" and barred LAPD officers from "initiat[ing] police action with the objective of discovering the alien status of a person" and from arresting people for violating a federal law making illegal entry into the U.S. a crime under 8 U.S.C. Sec. 1325. Similarly, to encourage cooperation of non-citizens with local authorities, New York City Mayor Guiliani unsuccessfully attempted to challenge provisions of the 1996 immigration and welfare reform bills that prohibit state and local governments from barring their officials from exchanging information with the INS about a person's immigration status."
Special Order 40 actually states:
"That no officer of the Los Angeles Police Department shall cooperate with the Immigration and Naturalization Service to: inquire into the immigration status of an individual, EXCEPT AND Unless (underlined in the text) required by city, county, state or federal law to inquire into the immigration status of an individual seeking LAPD employment."
Can you believe this crap? These ultra liberal morons running the jewel of the "Left Coast" actually believe that they can violate federal and state laws by instructing their Police Officers to not inquire into immigration status of suspected illegal aliens. They further prevent their Officers from informing Immigration Authorities about these illegal aliens. I think that it is time for the stupid idiots on the left to get one fact through their collective minds. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS A PATHWAY FOR TERRORISTS TO HARM THIS NATION. An it is moronic policies such as these that allow them to carry out their missions. And just in case you have forgotten, this is what happens when the terrorist find holes in our Immigration policies.
I believe Governor Conan was right in his first speech. You know, the one that he got into hot water over. We need to SEAL the border. I believe that we are beyond fixing it. This should have been fixed when Carter put up that pitiful fence. It is time to build a wall and pass a federal law modifying Posse Comitatus to allow the US military to actively patrol the border. It is obvious, that the Department of Homeland Security cannot handle this. ICE and the Border Patrol are not being effective. Next we will need to pass legislation to remove federal funding of ALL types from cities which do not cooperate in rounding up and expelling illegal aliens. All funding. Education, highways, Health and Human Services, Urban Housing, all funding. The Great Society did not work. And letting these illegal aliens in, North and South, cannot be allowed any longer.
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