23 September 2005

Like Jackals

Have you ever noticed, the ACLU is like a pack of Jackals. They find the most cash strapped little burg and they attack there. They will either gain capitulation or if it goes to court, they will establish precedent to use against the rest of the nation. Let's face it, a little town with a very tight budget, cannot afford to hire quality Constitutional Attorneys. They are often forced to use the town's Solicitor or Prosecutor to represent the town in federal court against Constitutional challenges raised by the ACLU. A Jackal feeds on the week and the dying. Bottom feeders of the food chain like Buzzards. And I lump the ACLU in the same quality of creature. They aren't human. They aren't sharks. They are bottom feeding Jackals. Speaking of sharks, the old comparison of Lawyers to sharks isn't exactly true. Sharks have higher standards. Thank You to Outside The Beltway
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