02 September 2005

A Living Lesson In History Being Made Today

I would like for all of the ignorant children of the Anarchy Generation to take a look at the Gulf Coast. Your ideas are being tested. Not by choice, but by situation. Mother Nature has given your ideas a shot. The government has been hamstrung by the events of this past week. New Orleans has been terrorized by thugs running the streets of the city with guns. Looting, murdering, raping, and pillaging. This is the affect of Anarchy. No government. No leadership. This is the "free for all" state that you espouse. I doesn't work. You have all been watching too many "liberal" film portrayals of what some moron sees as the future. Free reign of the lawless is a theme running through so many movies. And the kids see this as a "cool" way to live. It is disgusting. New Orleans didn't choose this. Nature chose to create a situation that facilitated this. If every living soul in The Big Easy would have left as they were instructed to do, this wouldn't be happening. New Orleans would be a water filled Ghost Town not a center of a battle zone complete with refugees escaping the carnage. So take a lesson. Take a long hard look at the dead bodies in the streets. Read and listen to the reports of people dying from the lack of life sustaining medications. And especially the reports of the gangs of criminals shooting, looting, and pillaging. Then ask yourself, is Anarchy a reasonable way to live? This isn't a movie. This isn't a dream. This is real life. In the United States of America. The authorities are going to have no choice but to allow federal and state military troops the authority reserved to war zones to restore order. There are going to be gang members that will soon be joining the dead. Not from starvation, disease, or the elements. But at the hands of military and law enforcement officials trying to restore the peace. There were just live video pictures of the President of the United States walking with a desperate woman and her daughter down a Biloxi street trying to comfort her. These people have lost everything in their lives. And the leader of the free world has to try and explain to her that the people will take care of her. So it is time to grow up. It is time to understand how real life works. Without law and order, anarchy unfortunately does take over. And people die in real life.
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