19 September 2005

Not All College Students Are Liberal Morons

I received a link to an online newspaper for Smith College that played right into our wheelhouse. Kirsten Steinke has written a piece that exposes the idiocy of the ACLU and the media concerning their advocacy of the release of additional photos from the Abu Ghraib torture embarrassment. My use of the word embarrassment is not to make light of the situation. However, the actions of a few (and I'm reluctant to use this term) soldiers cannot condemn the entire military or the United States government. And that is what the ACLU and the MSM, who have backed the effort to release additional photos from the incident are trying to accomplish. Reprinted from the Smith College newspaper - The Sophian
So a new year begins, and with it, a new campaign by a liberal group to defame and endanger our troops. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has launched a campaign to release additional photos of the abuses at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison. There are approximately 74 photographs and three videos which have not been released, and which depict "more of the same" according to General Richard B. Myers. Although those responsible for the torture have been removed from their positions, and there have been no recurrences of abuse, the ACLU contends that the pictures are necessary to ascertain whether the abuses are part of systemic torture tactics or the acts of individuals. Not surprisingly, the major media networks have all agreed with the ACLU and have collectively issued a "friend of the court" brief, in which they defend the public's "right to know." When the Abu Ghraib photos were released to the public in Spring of 2004, the shock was palpable throughout the United States. Looking at the pictures of smiling abusers giving a thumbs up, and the expressions of pain on the prisoner's faces is enough to turn anyone's stomach. Many Americans were torn regarding their support for the troops stationed in Iraq, and the disturbing portrait of abusive, sadistic behaviors of those in uniform. Throughout much of the world, anger towards the actions of these few was misdirected towards Americans and particularly American troops, resulting in violence throughout Arab Street and protests against the war in Iraq. Why, then, would the ACLU want to release these additional photographs? Why would they seek to reawaken this anger against America and American troops? The truth is that Abu Ghraib was one of the most successful moments for the anti-war effort, as they finally had evidence of behavior so terrible and so well documented that they were able to convert many Americans in their support. Though they may not admit it, many anti-war activists would love to have this kind of even recur simply because it validates their blind hatred of the Bush administration and any action taken in its name. The allegations that the abuse is systemic rather than the actions of a perverse few are an attempt to justify the ACLU's defamation of our troops and the effort in Iraq. The evidence supporting their conspiracy theory is flimsy at best and amounts to a few memos which vaguely hint that, under the guidelines outlined by the administration, the possibility of torture is not expressly prohibited. The ACLU has also pointed to testimony of the perpetrators who have accused their higher-ups in an attempt to skirt the blame. Perhaps even less transparent than the agenda of the ACLU is the agenda of the liberal news organizations. They care nothing about the "public's right to know," but instead salivate over the ratings which would inevitably be drawn by the release of more photos of abuse. The release of these photos cannot be rationalized and moralized under the veil of "the public's right to know" when agendas such as anti-war activism and ratings are the clear driving forces. As the Iraqis draft a Constitution, and we come closer to the possibility of self-governance, the last thing we need is a renewed and strengthened hatred for the troops in Iraq. Perhaps the ACLU should stick with what it does best, and defend the rights of Ku Klux Klan members and child pornographers.
We on the right so often lump all college students into the same liberal mold forgetting that not all young people are susceptible to the indoctrination practices at these so-called "institutions of higher learning". Some are actually Conservative through right minded upbringing which actually teaches children to understand the issues that they are being confronted with. The common misconception that the left would like those who they are trying to indoctrinate to believe is that we on the right march in lock step. That we are the ones who are incapable of free thought. When the reality is quite the opposite. Take a look at leftist dogma and compare it to the issues being taken by either camp. And you will see that those who have the capabilities of free thought and understanding are those on the right side of the political spectrum. Those on the left commonly use the same talking points and rhetoric like a bunch of robots. Case in point, Hollywood. If you are an actor and back a Conservative way of life and publicly say so, your chances of finding work disappear. Most Conservative actors hide their political affiliations in fear of not being permitted to practice their trade. That sounds like censorship to me. Something that we get accused of. If you want to make a statement in life, don't repeat - Think. Thank you to Outside the Beltway and Mudville Gazette
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