14 September 2005

Ohio Politics - End The RINO Stampede In The Senate

Ohio used to have a very logical and Conservative voice in Congress. Now we have 2 RINOs in the US Senate from the Buckeye State. Senators George Voinovich and Mike DeWine have let the Conservative voting base which elected them down. Voinovich, the man who pulled Cleveland out of Default as Mayor, the man who helped reverse some of the long lived liberal policies of a state which had a long history of electing liberal Governors turned on the Conservative base which elected him by blocking the confirmation of John Bolton to be US Ambassador to the UN. And DeWine, who was a member of the Gang of 14 which in a sense preserved the ability for the minority to block a judicial nominee through the unprecedented use of the filibuster when Senate tradition frowned upon it. By creating the need for a super majority where a simple majority is all that is required. By turning his back on the party leadership, in my opinion he has turned his back on the people who elected him. I am calling for Ohio Republicans to convince former Congressman John Kasich to challenge DeWine for his seat in the United States Senate in 2006. Kasich is a solid Conservative and would represent Ohio in much the same way that he did in the House. With Honor.
Kasich for the United States Senate.
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