14 September 2005

OMG - Could It Be True? A Democrat Abusing His Office?

ABC News is reporting a story on Democratic Congressman William Jefferson (No relation to the Slickster) who has allegedly misused state and federal resources to check on his New Orleans property and retrieve several items from his home. According to ABC News, 6 Louisiana National Guardsmen and a 5 ton truck were used to accompany the Congressman to his residence. The Guardsmen waited on his porch for nearly an hour while he retrieved some items including a notebook computer from his home. While attempting to leave, the truck gets stuck in his front yard. The Guardsmen who were with the Congressman, saw a Coast Guard helicopter flying above and flagged them down. The diver descended to the 3rd floor of the Congressman's home and broke in via the windows. Then after 45 minutes, while the helicopter hovered above with 4 passengers, the Congressman decided to not leave via the helicopter. The Coast Guard only had enough fuel to rescue a few more people before having to return. The National Guard then dispatched another 5 ton truck to help free the truck that was stuck in the Congressman's front yard. Once free, the truck returned the Congressman to the SuperDome. Excuse me, but this sounds an awful lot like mis-appropriation of military assets. Don't believe me? Watch the video. On top of all this, the Congressman sits on the Ways and Means Committee. Ok, let me get this straight. Congressman Jefferson wastes valuable military assets while others in New Orleans were starving to death and living in contaminated water. And he is one of the people charged with holding hearings on federal appropriations!?! The Governor is Democrat and she dropped the ball. The Mayor is a Democrat and he dropped the ball. This Congressman is a Democrat and he wastes state and federal military services. And they have the stones to put the blame for the shortcomings of the recovery efforts along the Gulf Coast on the Bush Administration!?! There is no doubt that there is major room for improvement in the Homeland Security Department. BUT, I think that the lefties need to take a long hard look at themselves before pointing any more fingers. Hat tips to Xtreme Right Wing, GINASRANTINGS, and ABC News.com
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