11 September 2005

Remember Today And NEVER Forget

Four years ago today, our world as we knew it came to an end. Those who wished to stay away from the terrorist fearing life were content to use the vast oceans of the planet to insulate us from the horror of dealing with bombings, kidnappings, and murder.

But on that horrible day four years ago, the United States got a bloody nose from a sneak attack that even the Japanese in 1941 would have never done. Those 2 beautiful buildings which were the target of a previous attempted attack, finally succumb to the will of terrorists.
Then they attempted to cut off the head of our military by attacking the Pentagon. But failed.
They attempted to cut off the head of our government, but that too failed in a field in Pennsylvania. They wanted the Capital and the White House. They got 1 side of the Pentagon.
Then it was time to mourn.
And then it was time to fight:
So on this four year anniversary of the worst day in American History let us not forget those innocent people who were murdered by this sick way of thinking. Let us not forget that the war was brought to us. We did not seek this. But we will win it. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said on December 7, 1941 that he thought they had waken a "Sleeping Giant". Al Queda has also. And like the Imperial Japanese of the 1940s, they are finding out that we aren't the toughest dog on the block for nothing.
Never Forget
I am suspending my conversation about the History of the ACLU until tomorrow. Today is too sacred to spoil with the scum who support those who did this to us.
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Thank You To All Who Remember with Videos, Pictures, And Personal Recounts Of That Horrible Day. As Difficult As These Images Are To Some People To Look At, It Is Important That We As A Nation Do Not Forget, Do Not Lose Focus, And Never Allow This To Happen Again.
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