05 September 2005

Roberts Slated By W to be Chief Justice of the United States

Today while I was comatose, the President nominated Judge John Roberts to be the next Chief Justice of the United States replacing the late William Rehnquist. Judge Roberts, as a former law clerk for Chief Justice Rehnquist, will now be seen as continuing the Rehnquist tradition and legacy. Like I stated in yesterday's thread, this was the option that I favored most. Why? Because Justice O'Connor's retirement isn't official until she is replaced. This is the most logical step to maintain continuity on the court. The Court sits in the next session is just 4 weeks, and having all 9 Justices in place by then is essential to the nation. By nominating Judge Roberts to be Chief Justice of the United States, President Bush is helping to insure that the Court has 9 Justices on the opening day of the next session. He has promised (and he has proven that he follows through with his promises) to name a replacement for Justice O'Connor in a "timely manner". Knowing the mind of W, I expect that nomination will come by the end of the day Tuesday. My prediction for the nomination is Judge Edith Clement. This nomination will be an all around good choice for the Court and the nation. Judge Clement is:
  1. A Conservative. In keeping with a campaign promise to nominate Strict Constructionists to the Court, President Bush would be insuring that no further eroding of the Constitution into the phantom "Living Document" that the Liberals want it to be.
  2. A well qualified Judge and is said to have been to the "runner up" to the Roberts nomination.
  3. Is from the New Orleans area. The symbolism and timing of nominating Judge Clement in the wake of the disaster taking place on the Gulf Coast could be seen as a boost for the people who have been displaced by the hurricane and flooding in the Big Easy.
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