29 September 2005

Today Is The Day - A Floor Vote On Our Next Chief Justice

It is official, John G. Roberts has been Confirmed by the Senate to become our next Chief Justice of the United States by a vote of 78 - 22. Now all that needs to be done, is the swearing in of our next Chief Justice. Congratulations John G. Roberts, we all have high hopes for our future. 21 Senators Announced their intention to vote no ahead of time All Democrats:
Bayh Biden Boxer Cantwell Clinton Corzine Dayton Durbin Feinstein Harkin Inouye Kennedy Kerry Lautenberg Mikulski Obama Reed Reid Sarbanes Schumer Stabenow There were 2 who did not announce a head of time: Akaka (D-HI) Voted - No Rockefeller (D-WV) Voted - Yes
All other Senators voted yes to the nomination. All 55 Republicans and 23 Democrats. The swearing in ceremony is expected to be held around 3:00pm today at the White House.
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