28 September 2005

Who Tells Who How To Vote?

I just read a headline in my Google Alerts, "NAACP opposes Roberts". Which prompted me to wonder, who tells who how to vote. Now it is obvious that the black community has been snowed into believing that the lefties of the Democratic Party have their interests in mind. When the fact of the matter is quite the opposite. The Republican Party was founded in the late 1850s and immediately took on issues such as polygamy and slavery. That's right, the Party which elected Lincoln, the author of the Emancipation Proclamation is the same party that is opposed in every way by the leadership of the NAACP.
In every avenue of Civil Rights the Democratic Party has blocked the adoption of legislation and application of decisions by the Court. But yet, the NAACP has a love affair with the Democratic Party due to their class warfare stance. By promotion of the separation of classes and mis-information put forth by the Democratic Party leading those who are out of the political loop to believe that the Republican is only for the rich and the Democrats fight for the rights of the poor is nothing short of Bull S***. The powers that be in the days of the Jim Crow South were all Democrat. That's right, Democrat. Senator Robert Byrd, the 8 term Senior Senator of not only his home state of West Virginia, but the Entire Senate was an active member of the Ku Klux Klan. He even gave a 14 hour filibuster speech opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But yet the NAACP sides with his party. Post Brown v Board of Education it was a Democratic Governor in Arkansas that almost ripped this nation apart for the second time in 100 years when he deployed the Arkansas National Guard to prevent 9 black students from attending classes at the all white Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas in 1957. President Eisenhower had to send federal troops into Little Rock to escort the children to class. And why is this? Good question. Most would say that the majority of those in this nation living below the poverty level are black. But that too is an error. Of the total population, 75% of those living below the poverty level are white. Granted, as a percentage of racial groups individually, the black community has the highest percentage below the poverty level. But it remains that of the total population living below the poverty level 75% are white. So that can't be it. Or can it? Class warfare has been the calling card of the left since the beginning of this nation. The poor have always been with us. And we dealt with them in different ways since the founding of the United States. But the most inhumane way of dealing with the poor is to give them a handout. The left has been advocating supporting of the poor by handicapping the poor with a hand out. And penalizing them for trying to dig themselves out of the hole created by the so called welfare safety net. Class warfare and envy are the enemies of this nation. The "progressives" in this nation with their overwhelming guilt complexes have created a monster from which it is going to have to take some adult thinking to escape. But just as soon as anyone, especially a Republican, suggests reforming this leftover broken idea from the Great Society days, the looney left comes out in swarms to oppose that individual. So begins the Potomac Two Step. So the headline prompted me to ask, who is telling who how to vote? Organized labor, the NAACP, NOW, and every other liberal organization have their loyal groups who will do whatever their favorite project will say. And in the case of the NAACP, it is my opinion that they are leading the black community into the mouth of the lion. Based on the history of the Democratic Party, I am of the opinion that there isn't 1 trustworthy liberal in the lot. And make no mistake, I don't believe in moderate Democrats. Like the unicorn, they are a fantasy. They don't exist. There are however Conservatives who happen to belong to the wrong party. Of these the most notible is Zell Miller.
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