03 October 2005

Guard The Borders BlogBurst Oct. 3, 2005

John Longenecker wrote an article last June about the Texas Minutemen. He hits the nail on the head in so many areas - not just the fact that "illegal immigration is bad", but the reasons why liberals don't understand our need to protect the borders.
Where liberals fail is, in part, in their refusal to see the consequences of their own acts of interference, but will hold others accountable for something as small as announcing their resisting. The Liberal mind-set cannot allow them to see how they are the cause of the problem they complain about, and their immaturity won't permit them to see how righteous the resistance to their interference is.
He likens the liberals to children, and I agree.
The double standard of the liberals is that conservatives are held to answer because liberals think of non-liberals as adults, while liberals are not held to answer because they perceive themselves as kids. What they fail to comprehend in their teenager mentalities is that the response they object to (such as the Minutemen) is a perfectly healthy and normal adult answer to their unending intrusion, provocation and the injustice of their interference when people have had enough.
Exactly. Do a Google search for "texas minutemen", and the top response is this article by Reuters, entitled "Minutemen step up US border patrol; violence feared". Of course, the first paragraph immediately slams home their point and belief that having Americans defending the border is a potentially violent thing, even though the last Minutemen vigil in Arizona was notoriously non-violent. let's not even take into account that there is precious little media coverage of the Minutemen at all.
The California-based Brown Berets, a Mexican-American group that was allied with the revolutionary U.S. Black Panther Party in the 1960s, has vowed to confront the Minuteman volunteers during their October vigil. An Arizona rights group, the Border Action Network, distributed posters to stores in Naco, Douglas and Nogales on the Mexican border this week, declaring the communities "hate-free zones" and saying "racist vigilantes" are unwelcome. In Texas earlier this year, 11 state senators urged Gov. Rick Perry to oppose the Minuteman patrols, saying they could "negatively affect tourism and trade along the border" and make law enforcement "more dangerous and difficult."
There is not a mention of the number of illegals that the Minutemen stopped. There is not much of a mention of anything positive in the article, actually. But Longenecker addresses that too - it's the simple fact that liberals think they're the only ones who are allowed to resist or protest. They don't think their own Communist, idiotic mentality should be questioned, and they can't stand to stay out of affairs they're ill-equipped to run.
The Democrats bully and push to the point of resistance from the objects of their hatred (adults and adult values, such as being free from interference), and then characterize that resistance and objection as racism, incendiary and potentially violent.
So what should they do, now that the Minutemen are on the border?
Not only can you not win every fight, but you should not even fight every fight. Fighting everything is a dead giveaway that it’s not really about any given issue, but only about fighting. And I have my own theory on that. Liberals need to grow up and back down, and begin to live with the consequences of their own making or help fix them. Liberals need to back down. Not compromise, not cave in, but back down and cooperate, taking that chip off their collective shoulder, adjust their rotten attitude, and stop picking fights with everything they see. An adult would do that.
Then again, we are dealing with children. Spoiled, bratty, immature kids who should really get out of the way and let us get the job done. G-d knows they're not capable of doing anything besides whining and holding up signs. This has been part of the Guard the Borders blogburst. GTB hits Euphoric Reality every Monday, and seeks to promote awareness about the illegal immgration epidemic that our country is facing and the desperate need to curb the problem before it's too late. If you'd like to join the blogburst, send an email to kit.jarrell@gmail.com with your blog's name and URL.
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