04 October 2005

Intelligent Design on Trial

I have remained pretty silent on the Intelligent Design trial in Dover, PA. But I just got done reading a very well written thread on The Reality Check. The post makes comparisons between the Scopes trial in 1925 to the Dover trial of today. The thread also makes a brief point of the fact that the guilty conviction of Scopes was overturned upon appeal on technicality grounds not on Constitutional ones. The ACLU and Evolutionist Science teachers are on the narrow view side this time. And those who believe that man could only have evolved under the direction of a higher intelligence are trying to get their day in the classroom. At issue is a 4 paragraph statement at the beginning of the Evolution Module in 9th grade Biology class. Evolutionists are so afraid that the theory that they have been presenting as Science Fact since Scopes is in danger of being exposed for what it is. An unproven theory. There are gaps in Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. Periods in time where no scientific evidence of any humanoid presence on Earth. Entire layers of soil which have been excavated for Scientific research into the origin of man which are void of any presence. True, bipedal beings have been proven to exist in generations which the Evolutionists claim are the forefathers of man. However, what they aren't telling you is that there comes a point in each so-called evolution where all traces of that species end with no replacement. A few generations later, a more advanced bipedal being appears. And the cycle starts all over again. Those of us who believe that life on Earth is no accident, understand that this could not be unless some higher intelligence directed the movements. How else can the herkey jerkey nature of anthropology finds be explained? They can't from the Evolution side. The 4 paragraph statement of alternatives to the theory of Natural Selection is read 1 time during the course. At the beginning of the Evolution module of the class. No specific "higher power" is mentioned. The statement is non-denominational. Does not promote Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Nor does it promote Wicca, Druidism, or Secular Humanism. So here is the real argument. What does the wacky left have to fear here? Pretty much the same exact argument that Clarence Darrow made on behalf of Scopes in the 1925 trial are the very arguments being made by those arguing that Intelligent Design is a plausible alternative to an unproven theory. A theory which contains unexplainable "holes" or "gaps". I thought the whole purpose of education was to teach children to think for themselves. Not to regurgitate leftist ideas. Our public education system has become the Secularists' prime recruiting program. The Indoctrination Centers of America to be more descriptive.
Scientific Arguments Against Evolution
Fact - there are large gaps in excavated strata where no bipedal life resembling that of man can be found. But yet the Darwin worshipping secular humanists stick to the weakest of evidence and present it as fact when in fact all that it is - is an unproven theory. Darwin first published his findings in a book called the Origin of the Species in 1859. Wouldn't you think that after 146 years of searching, they'd be a little closer to proving this theory if this so-called "missing link" exists?
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