07 October 2005

Liberal Judge Hands The ACLU Another Victory - For Now

A Superior Court Judge in Southern California has ruled that a referendum to transfer land containing the Mt Soledad Korean War Memorial to the federal government is UnConstitutional. How can a judge tell 70% of the electorate that they are wrong? For those who have been living under a political rock, Mt. Soledad is a war memorial outside of San Diego California. It was erected as a memorial to those who served during the Korean Conflict. It contains a very large white cross constructed of steel. A single atheist who had to drive past the memorial brought suit against the state with the aid of the ACLU in order to have it removed. They were successful in state courts. Now, a movement got a referendum passed by a 70% majority to transfer the memorial and land to federal control. And this judge, or as I refer to activist judges King by Committee, has told the people of Southern California that they have no power. That she as a Superior Court Judge has the power to trump their wishes. Undoubtedly, had John Kerry won election as President, he would have nominated this moronic b**** to become Chief Justice of the United States. That is pure speculation I know. But it would be consistant with the moronic way that he has run his life. Judicial activism is ruining our country. And the ACLU and their promotion of judicial activism and judge shopping perpetuates the practice. It is time for judicial restraint. It is time that the will of the people return to the mainstream. Why can we not get Congress to seize the Mt. Soledad property under Eminent Domain? If a town can seize a private citizen's property to build a shopping mall or a condo complex, why can't the federal government sieze public property in order to preserve it? It seems to me that they have in the past. Just think of all the wildlife preserves in this nation. This memorial deserves to be saved from one Atheist, one Communist Organization, and one Activist Judge. It is time that we bother our Congressmen/women and Senators to take control of this situation.
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